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A possible name for my future Design House/Studio! It’s short, it’s catchy, it’s clever, it’s funny!

Aside from selling my services as a graphic artist (and sometimes, as a man-whore), my friend Jerry and I have thought about teaming up to become freelance web designers!

I’ve always wanted to make websites, but as it turns out, I suck at codes, html’s and whatnot. I don’t know why I never got the hang of it. But now, I have Jerry to deal with that, and li’l ol’ me can focus more on the visual candies. Sweet deal.

So yeah, if ever this plan push through, i want this as our company name! (Although I don’t know if anybody else is already using the name, pero kung wala pa, AKIN NA TO!!)



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Hi, my name is Ardie, i like to draw hearts. I also love my mommy very much. So very much.


Wah! Making a film is not easy, especially for a newbie like me. Madami palang kailangan. Bwehehe. Pero ayuos na rin, salamat sa lahat ng tumulong kahit hadalian. Sa mga actors, sa mga groupmates, sa mga nagpahiram, sa mga bumili ng beef mami, sa mga walang magawa at gustong manuod…THANK YOU! Thank you to DEATH!

Jobert, tapusin mo na yan thesis mo at tapusin nantin ang pag-e-edit neto! Premiere? After Effects? Yes please!

Paki abangan na lang ang kalokohan na ako ang pinag-ugatan, nakakahiya man, magiging ito ang aking pagkukunan ng kabuhayan.


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Okay, you Malolos people out there, you probably know who this guy is, right? He’s really not that hard to miss, especially on a sunday. Got  insipred, by an idea my bro pitched. Local Celebrity Shirts!  Haha!



Kapatid ko kasama si idol!


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September last year marked the birth of my first ever personal art project since the conception of schoolboyproject. Boredom, along with a measly amount of ambition and personal growth, gave birth to SERIES:52!

SERIES:52 was supposed to be a deviation of all those Project365 art/photography/whatever projects out there in intarnutz, opting to produce artworks weekly instead of daily. (Of course, much of the reason behind the decrease in the amount of outputs points back to my uncanny ability to be lazy… on a whim!) Posters, regardless of what nature, or it’s content may be, was intended as the primary format to be used for each entry. (As it can be used as part of my portfolio when applying for advertising stints in the future.)

This was entry no. 1 entitled “Discomfortingly Comfortable.”

Yes. It makes no sense.

Such promise, this SERIES:52 brings, such wonderful promise! And promises was all it ever was. Weeks went on and the amount of entries piled up, I keep on putting it off believing that I could easily catch up if i wanted to, but as it turns out, na-da, after all it’s me we’re talking about here, natural, ‘di na nasundan yan.

But after the new year, and some drunken perspective, I opted to restart the series, as i don’t want to waste the project just because i got toooo lazy for my own good. I know this could help me a lot, whether in helping me learn more about art or in improving my photoshop (or whatever) skills or in beefing up my portfolio. It’s win-win situation for me. Win-win-win even.

SO here it is, take two of SERIES:52, entry no. 1/52:

click me!

I know i’ve been neglecting this blog a lot lately, so yeah, let’s talk about that some other time.


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Ewan ko. Pero pakiramdam ko nitong mga nakaraang buwan parang walang-wala akong gana gumuhit. Taenang yan, wala! As in wala! Ni matinong concept di ako makaisip, nauuwi lahat sa walang kakwenta kwentang mga doodle na hindi rin naman maganda sa paningin pag humahawak ako ng lapis at papel.

Pak Da Wat?

Siguro dahil naisip ako o namulat na mas marami pa talaga ang mas magaling sakin pagdating sa art. Haha, Ang yabang ko naman kasi e. Pa-cool masyado ampota. Pero marahil siguro na rin sa masyado akong nadala ng pagpopotosyap (photoshop). Pota ang sarap kasi e, walang ka-hassle hassle bigla bigla me “art” ka na kagad.

Kaso di nagtagal, nawala na din yung thrill ng digital art e. iba na din talaga yung gawang kamay, yung ikaw talga gumuhit gamit ang lapis bolpen at papel.  Iba yung fullfillment.

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As some you may or may not know, Bugsy Garcia is a member of a fledging band aptly named Kuneho. Aside form their name, there really is nothing much to say about the band. Their skills are, at best, mediocre, their gigs aren’t that great, in fact, they’re non existent. Charisma is what i think they are lacking. Or maybe effort. Maybe both.

And now, this down on the luck band has sinked even further downward due to some cuts on their line ups. Yep, the rodents are down to three, missing a bassist and another guitarist. The remaining members still want to continue though, and we’re hoping that there some people out there who might be interested in helping us out. are there any? come ooooooonnnnnnnnnnn……..

We play our own shit, er, i mean, songs, which usually caters about love and crap like that, (yes we know, we’re working on it). And artistic freedom has always been what our music playing is all about. If ever you’re a bassist or a guitarist from Malolos or Bulacan, (or anyone who can be at Malolos when it’s time for practice, we’re not picky.) you’re more that welcome to try out. We sound like most OPM bands, like Sugarfree, Rivermaya or E-heads (we’re patriotic like that), no screamos i’m afraid. Comment here or do contact us if you’re interested.



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Gusto ko ng Lomo cam! I want a Holga! And I want it right now! Now gaddemmet!

I want a Lomo cam so that any shot i take will be deemed artistic and unique, Emo by some, full of emotions, and can be considered a representation of the complexities in life. Then I’ll load it up at Deviantart, where people will comment things similar to what i have written above, i will be deemed more artistic than how artistic I am now… Shyeah right!

Anyway, Lomography is all the rave now among artistic dudes. And being an artistic dude myself, it’s only natural that I too will get interested in these trendy, cheap-looking cameras. I checked out Team Manila’s Lomo site for their price list, and all i got to say is… not bad, P3,000 for a unit? P4,500 for a starter kit? P8,000 for a package? pretty cheap right? not bad, not bad at all… Too bad I’m dirt poor.

Alms? alms?

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