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E kesa naman My Only √ú, di ba?


Hehehe. Pero sa totoo lang, medyo nainis ako nung ginawang pang sine yung HSM3, kailangan na tuloy magbayad. Tapos di pa ko makakasabay sa pagkanta at pagsayaw, kasi me kasama ka nang nanunuod.

Wag ka kabisado ko yung mga kanta! Shet sa puwet!

Guilty pleasure ko to e. Yes, inaamin ko, pinauod ko yung HSM1, at sa kasamaang palad pinanoud ko din yung HSM2. At ang masaklap pa dun, nag ENJOY ako! As in, enjoy na enjoy.

Okay, aaminin ko na na kaya ko lang naman pinanuod to in the first place, e dahil crush ko si Gabriella (yung latina na boses kiki) tsaka si Sharpei (yung blonde na boses kiki). Di ko naman inakala na magugustuhan ko din yung movie…

So yun nga.. Nuod kayo.

Yes, I’m 23 years old. What’s your point?

(Si Jessica naiyak!)



September 15, 2008 § 2 Comments

Hi, I’m an artist! Yeah! And I’m having an ART attack! Get it? Get it? ūüė¶

As some of you would know by now, art is the only thing I’m good at (at least, I think so). And I have been telling myself, nay, convincing myself, that this art shit is the only thing that could save my ass from whence the time comes that I am to set sail to world of the corporate.

(I tok perpek inglis too buy da wii, callcenter, yatheenk?)

Anyway, one of the biggest challenge for me as an artist is that there times where I let my drawing skills get stale. You know, moldy, rusty, from the lack of practice (or from compulsive masturbation, whichever). So i tried thinking up ways to help me overcome my laziness (but not too much, laziness is a part of me as much as my hairy balls are). And look what i came up with!

Why hello there SERIES:52, may I ask what the hell you are?

Well S:52, as what i cleverly call it, is my feeble attempt to regularly produce a fine piece of art every week. Poster sized art, that may range to any form: traditional drawing, digital, typography, etc. etc. Just as long as it chronicle things happening in my life.

Yes, i know it would be better to make it daily instead of weekly, but somebody does that already, plus, LAZINESS remember? So yeah, once a week would be ideal for me.

I’ am so psyched for this, I’m starting this week, i even bought a new sketch pad and some righteous UNI PENs for this! I know my art style really doesn’t appeal to everyone but for those that do, do wish me luck! Every thing I’ll be doing will mostly likely be posted at my DeviantArt account.


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I have been refraining from blogging anything about the Eraserheads’ reunion concert here on my blog, mostly because of how viral and incomplete the information that I’m getting for the event was. I opted to just place some write ups about it on my multiply blog. ( Since not many people know i have this site anyway! Yes tatlo lang kayong reader ko. shame shame shame. )

I was really excited about this. I mean, It’s the Eraserheads man. THE ERASERHEADS! These guys are the one’s responsible for what I am today, ( no, not a loser, that was caused by society. bada-bish! ) a band geek! Aside from being a Japanese, it was my dream to be like them.

From Toyang to Shirley to Ligaya to Julie to Barbie to Aling Nena. From Pop-U to Cutterpillow to Carbon Steroxide. Their songs has corrupted every bit of my mind and body- in a good way.

So yeah, this concert is a very big deal for me.

But as it turns out, I’m not even going. Yes, sad but true. The cost is just to much for a schoolboy like me. Plus i had no time to save up. Sad, yes. Very.

So to those who are going, send some youtube links my way, okay? Easy Ka Lang!


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July 25, 2008 Comments Off on WHEN EVERYTHING IS FUCKED UP

Each of us has those moments of pure, utter helplessness. Of pure, utter weakness. Moments where we seem to think that everything is over, and that there is no way to get out of our predicament.

Sometimes, the thing with these predicaments, we try to hide them inside prerequisite, comforting phrases, or sayings, to up-heave the more primitive instinct lingering at the back of our heads. Anger, hate, denial… etc.

Nobody’s perfect. Everybody makes mistakes.

Yes no one is perfect. Most of us have chosen to believe that mistakes are a part of life. With these very comforting words, we can reason out that failure is not failure but only a bump on our proverbial road. Failure, is not something to be scared of, but something to look forward to. Everybody has those days. You face it. You live with it. Then you go on.

But then, it gets tiresome sometimes. There is a limit to how many times one can stand the un-glorious demise of success in their lives. And it’s in this moment that we see the comfort of giving up. We see it’s embracing arms waiting, as we fall back to it’s promise of defeat. We realize that pushing forward does nothing. We realize why some of us, after trying so many times, still fails. Simply put, they start believing that they are never meant to succeed. It’s easier that way, most would say, when you have accepted that you are a failure. A loser in the game of life.

This is where i am right now. Defeat after defeat. Failure after failure. Slowly, in front of me i am seeing the demise of my pride, my dreams, and everything else. I am tired, I want to give up. It’s no longer something i could live with. It’s no longer something i could let others take the hit for. The suffering for.

I honestly want to quit. To surrender. And God knows i’ve been ready for so long now.

*yes, that picture has nothing to do with the entry.


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What a fucking cool teaser? right? right? I mean, come on! It’s Eminem!

And these guys. who do you think these guys are? It’s Orange and Lemons!

I got all the images from Azrael’s site. Get more info about the “clues.” there.

So okay, I’ve been praying for this ever since they fucken’ broke up.¬†Everyone else are blogging and talking about the clues and hints¬†spreading around for the said event, trying to figure out who this band is (if it really is the Eheads or not).¬†But a comment on my brother’s blog said that the daughter of Raymund Marasigan¬†himself (E-heads’ drummer) has confirmed that the¬†said reunion will push through! Now i don’t know if the numbers below the large inverted E are really meant for the dates but Aug¬†30 2008 will be a very much anticipated date from here on out. I fucken assure you that!

Hell yeah! Count me in! Im so fucken going! How bout you?


April 29, 2008 § Leave a comment

So my brother, Bot, told me we’re going to summer slam. “Finally!” i said to myself, as i have been wanting to attend summer slam since i first read about it way way waaay back. I was really excited as the last time i was left out from this kind of events, this happened. yeaiknoerite? Imagine my excitement.

My brother knows this guy, Peewee, a DJ in a local club here in Malolos, and man, he’s got quite some connections. He was the guy responsible why my brother has his arms around Iya and Nikki Gil at the same fucking time. He was to be our our guide, our savior, our saint, our way to the promise land, a land where faces melt, and ears cum.

Okay, so i won’t be telling you how freaking cool the event was, cause i know, you already know, that it’s freaking cool. I wont even tell you folks how i got into the backstage, without buying any tickets or giving out sexual favors whatsoever! Cause I’m such a douche, I’ll post pictures from the concert, backstage pictures mothahumpers! Expect to see me rubbing elbows with celebrities and rock stars alike. Yeah! Said pictures after the cut!!

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