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April 4, 2008 § 2 Comments

Yes, you’re 19 baby. and I’m happy that this time i got to spend your birthday with you. And I’m sorry cause all I could do is give you flowers, mainly because I’m a cheap bastard. I stooped down to mushyness to save my neck. sheesh. But anyway, to make up for my unwanted thriftiness I’m dedicating this post to dear you.

Remember how you’ve always bugged me about those photo booths that spew out continous strip of black and white photos? And remember how we scoured every corner of the metro just to find one, and we didn’t? Well chin up baby, cause your awesome as hell boyfriend is here to make things better! Nope i haven’t found the said photo booth, but instead, i tapped my uncanny graphic artist abilities to bring you…


happy birthday niey hope you had a great time! i love you so much! mwah!


March 24, 2008 § 7 Comments

Jessica has been nagging me forever for an out of town trip. I was never really enthusiastic about it, as it spells out a ton of complications just waiting to happen. But as everything in this world is riddled with complications, what the hell, i gave in anyway. And the outcome: Baguio!

I have to applaud my girl for this, as she planned everything about this trip. From the transportation to the lodging. Clap. Clap. Clap!

We only stayed overnight, but it felt longer than that. I can’t explain it, but i think time slows down in Baguio. This trip was made of pure win. Pictures after the cut! « Read the rest of this entry »


March 9, 2008 § 2 Comments

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! Yes another God forsaken year of my life have passed! Great! Any achievements you’d like to share Mr. Armani? Hahaha! Are you kidding me?! Like what I’ve said, failing is my only passion in life. Yes dad, still no graduation. No mom, I’m still not moving out. Ahh yes. Such sweet realizations on the day of my 23rd.

But anyway I’m not here to sulk, as my greatest achievement in life has a little surprise in store for my birthday! Yes, her sugar-momma instincts got tingled and little old me was the culprit.Hooray!

the biggest loser with his greatest achievement!

So any way, like i was saying, Jessica asked me out (yes guys ako ang niyayang makipagdate) on my birthday, She kept hinting that she has a surprise in store, and knowing her, she likes her surprises (even tough sometimes, obvious na.) So i played along.

We met up at Trinoma, because dun na ata kami nakatira. And she led me to the top floor to Friday’s. I was anxiuos as to what the surprise might be as the last one really got me good. « Read the rest of this entry »


December 21, 2007 § 5 Comments

“Hunniey, iddate po kita sa 18!”

Yan yung sabi ni Jessica sakin, first week of December, I think. I agreed, cause I’m a good boyfriend like that. And the premise of free food has enticed me enough that ala na kong palag sa katawan, she promised that she’ll treat me to California Pizza… whatever… (forgot the name. sorry na.) Plus she hinted me on something that just drove me nuts. “Sigurado, sasambahin mo ko pagkatapos.” she said. Oh my Ghulay!

fast forward.

so di kami natuloy. yep. it happens. We met up on the 20th instead! (badabish!) After dinner ( At tokyo-tokyo! yep. it happens.) I was excited about what she had in store for me. “…sasambahin… pagkatapos… hmmm…” these words have haunted me ever since she uttered it. She asked me to close my eyes and not to peek (wow ang kinky!) And I willingly do so of course, (cause again, I’m a good boyfriend like that.) I waited with my eyes closed, edging my other senses to exert an extra effort to find out what she was doing. “Open your eyes,” I did. Shet, iba na religion ko. Jessicaism. YOU FREAKIN ROCK BABY!!

bugsy with his psp

I finally got my psp. And it’s slim and it’s white. And it feels oh sooo right. Praise be to Jessica. AMEN.


October 25, 2007 § Leave a comment


So i failed (yet again) to put this post up on the proper date of our anniversary, but, like many (if not all) of my projects and assignments and mostly everything in my life, I always say, t’s better late than never.

Be warned, this entry contains a certain amount of mush-y-ness. BE. FREAKIN. WARNED!

Wow… one year huh? Now that really is something. I commend you, dear, i really do. Grabe, natiis mo ko ng ganung tagal? Really now, THAT is something to brag about.

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August 12, 2007 § Leave a comment

My goodness! Has it been that long? 11 months already? Holy shit, makakatikim na ba ko ng matinong anniversary?!

it’s really amazing to think that we are one month shy of a year. It feels like we just met each other yesterday It’s true what they say you know, that time flies when you’re having fun. And you, my dear, is one bucket full of fun! Isang drum pa nga e! Love you dear!

Cause I’m such a lazy-ass and I’m saving the really cheesy love post for next month, I’m just gonna post some pictures here, ok? Yey!

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