Bugsy is a maniacal self satisfying cocky bastard. Also he’s fat. And he smells.

He is a 25 y/o bum whose only passion in life is not to succeed. He also has these amazing affinities to music, beer, cartoons, jackets, greens, monies, dim lights, slippers, rhum, dogs, unlimited texting, perya, bongs, doodles, brassieres, boxers, pirated DVD’s, window shopping, pencils, drum solos, axe, cigarettes, beef, papers, photoshop, stalking, shouting, browns, curly tops, smiles, books, taxis and bewbs!


Boy Balasik, or more commonly known as Bugsy, is the first born of Fernando and Teresa. The 8th of march, a date which the couple has cursed from then on out, was the date this kilabot ng preschool was born. Ugly as a baby, his father decided to call him Armani instead of giving him the junior status, “mabaho mang tingnan, mabango naman ang pangalan.” reasoned the father.

Aside from his grotesque features, Bugsy was like any other kid. vomiting green goo constantly, absurdly long fingernails scratching his face and body, the usual levitation and wall crawling, and of course the 360 degree head spin. healthy as a cow indeed. looks like one too.


As he was growing up, Bugsy found out that he has a knack for the arts. He can draw pretty well compard to his classmates at sped class. Art has been a part of his life ever since.

During his elementary and high school days, most girls would describe Bugsy to be funny and witty and overall, a pretty stand up guy, or in other words, gay! Shyeah!


Today, after 25 years on earth, he’s still unemployed. never held a job two days in a row. Anyway, his father wants him out of the house, so now his staying in their garage. Resourceful.

A natural klutz  and over all king of tardy, he has always been a follower and rarely a leader.


As surprising as it may sound, Bugsy has a girlfriend! And she’s not imaginary! Her name is Jessica and she is hot and I do not know whether she was blackmailed or threatened into the relationship, but nonetheless it looks like she’s sticking with him. I guess she’s a fan of that Andrew E song, (no I’m no I’m not talking about Pink Palaka!)

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