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A possible name for my future Design House/Studio! It’s short, it’s catchy, it’s clever, it’s funny!

Aside from selling my services as a graphic artist (and sometimes, as a man-whore), my friend Jerry and I have thought about teaming up to become freelance web designers!

I’ve always wanted to make websites, but as it turns out, I suck at codes, html’s and whatnot. I don’t know why I never got the hang of it. But now, I have Jerry to deal with that, and li’l ol’ me can focus more on the visual candies. Sweet deal.

So yeah, if ever this plan push through, i want this as our company name! (Although I don’t know if anybody else is already using the name, pero kung wala pa, AKIN NA TO!!)



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Hi, my name is Ardie, i like to draw hearts. I also love my mommy very much. So very much.


Wah! Making a film is not easy, especially for a newbie like me. Madami palang kailangan. Bwehehe. Pero ayuos na rin, salamat sa lahat ng tumulong kahit hadalian. Sa mga actors, sa mga groupmates, sa mga nagpahiram, sa mga bumili ng beef mami, sa mga walang magawa at gustong manuod…THANK YOU! Thank you to DEATH!

Jobert, tapusin mo na yan thesis mo at tapusin nantin ang pag-e-edit neto! Premiere? After Effects? Yes please!

Paki abangan na lang ang kalokohan na ako ang pinag-ugatan, nakakahiya man, magiging ito ang aking pagkukunan ng kabuhayan.


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Okay, you Malolos people out there, you probably know who this guy is, right? He’s really not that hard to miss, especially on a sunday. Got  insipred, by an idea my bro pitched. Local Celebrity Shirts!  Haha!



Kapatid ko kasama si idol!


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I was given 3 pages to try and make you laugh. The key word here is try.


But do grab one if your interested, it’s not free though, 50 bucks a piece. Pero sulit na yun jek!

Featuring comicstrips by: Echavez-Garcia-Escano-Martin-Viray-Lindo-Campos-Aquino-Bardinas-Aguila

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