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September last year marked the birth of my first ever personal art project since the conception of schoolboyproject. Boredom, along with a measly amount of ambition and personal growth, gave birth to SERIES:52!

SERIES:52 was supposed to be a deviation of all those Project365 art/photography/whatever projects out there in intarnutz, opting to produce artworks weekly instead of daily. (Of course, much of the reason behind the decrease in the amount of outputs points back to my uncanny ability to be lazy… on a whim!) Posters, regardless of what nature, or it’s content may be, was intended as the primary format to be used for each entry. (As it can be used as part of my portfolio when applying for advertising stints in the future.)

This was entry no. 1 entitled “Discomfortingly Comfortable.”

Yes. It makes no sense.

Such promise, this SERIES:52 brings, such wonderful promise! And promises was all it ever was. Weeks went on and the amount of entries piled up, I keep on putting it off believing that I could easily catch up if i wanted to, but as it turns out, na-da, after all it’s me we’re talking about here, natural, ‘di na nasundan yan.

But after the new year, and some drunken perspective, I opted to restart the series, as i don’t want to waste the project just because i got toooo lazy for my own good. I know this could help me a lot, whether in helping me learn more about art or in improving my photoshop (or whatever) skills or in beefing up my portfolio. It’s win-win situation for me. Win-win-win even.

SO here it is, take two of SERIES:52, entry no. 1/52:

click me!

I know i’ve been neglecting this blog a lot lately, so yeah, let’s talk about that some other time.


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