September 15, 2008 § 2 Comments

Hi, I’m an artist! Yeah! And I’m having an ART attack! Get it? Get it? 😦

As some of you would know by now, art is the only thing I’m good at (at least, I think so). And I have been telling myself, nay, convincing myself, that this art shit is the only thing that could save my ass from whence the time comes that I am to set sail to world of the corporate.

(I tok perpek inglis too buy da wii, callcenter, yatheenk?)

Anyway, one of the biggest challenge for me as an artist is that there times where I let my drawing skills get stale. You know, moldy, rusty, from the lack of practice (or from compulsive masturbation, whichever). So i tried thinking up ways to help me overcome my laziness (but not too much, laziness is a part of me as much as my hairy balls are). And look what i came up with!

Why hello there SERIES:52, may I ask what the hell you are?

Well S:52, as what i cleverly call it, is my feeble attempt to regularly produce a fine piece of art every week. Poster sized art, that may range to any form: traditional drawing, digital, typography, etc. etc. Just as long as it chronicle things happening in my life.

Yes, i know it would be better to make it daily instead of weekly, but somebody does that already, plus, LAZINESS remember? So yeah, once a week would be ideal for me.

I’ am so psyched for this, I’m starting this week, i even bought a new sketch pad and some righteous UNI PENs for this! I know my art style really doesn’t appeal to everyone but for those that do, do wish me luck! Every thing I’ll be doing will mostly likely be posted at my DeviantArt account.


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