September 14, 2008 § Leave a comment

These are fun.

I got tired of doing the same, old, boring photo manipulating shit that i do. Maybe it’s just me, but it feels so blant when i look at them now. Maybe it’s the artist in me or siguro maarte lang talaga ko at maraming luho sa buhay, pero i wanted to do more. So i ended up with these!

Haha. I don’t know pero proud na proud ako sa mga to. I’m like Dexter, the boy genius, brooding ever his latest thingamajigs or doohickeys labeling each one “the greatest invention ever completed.” That’s exactly how i feel about these pieces.

Maybe it’s because of how much skill it takes to draw those images using only this retarded ancient ball-mouse (yes optical mice/mouses are , for some reasons, still unavailable to me), or the fact that the colors pretty much remind me of how i vintage-y my mind is right now, or maybe its how the images looks sooo POP ART, which is what my art is basically all about. I don’t know I just like it. It represents me at a certain level.

what do you think?


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