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Hi, I’m an artist! Yeah! And I’m having an ART attack! Get it? Get it? 😦

As some of you would know by now, art is the only thing I’m good at (at least, I think so). And I have been telling myself, nay, convincing myself, that this art shit is the only thing that could save my ass from whence the time comes that I am to set sail to world of the corporate.

(I tok perpek inglis too buy da wii, callcenter, yatheenk?)

Anyway, one of the biggest challenge for me as an artist is that there times where I let my drawing skills get stale. You know, moldy, rusty, from the lack of practice (or from compulsive masturbation, whichever). So i tried thinking up ways to help me overcome my laziness (but not too much, laziness is a part of me as much as my hairy balls are). And look what i came up with!

Why hello there SERIES:52, may I ask what the hell you are?

Well S:52, as what i cleverly call it, is my feeble attempt to regularly produce a fine piece of art every week. Poster sized art, that may range to any form: traditional drawing, digital, typography, etc. etc. Just as long as it chronicle things happening in my life.

Yes, i know it would be better to make it daily instead of weekly, but somebody does that already, plus, LAZINESS remember? So yeah, once a week would be ideal for me.

I’ am so psyched for this, I’m starting this week, i even bought a new sketch pad and some righteous UNI PENs for this! I know my art style really doesn’t appeal to everyone but for those that do, do wish me luck! Every thing I’ll be doing will mostly likely be posted at my DeviantArt account.



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These are fun.

I got tired of doing the same, old, boring photo manipulating shit that i do. Maybe it’s just me, but it feels so blant when i look at them now. Maybe it’s the artist in me or siguro maarte lang talaga ko at maraming luho sa buhay, pero i wanted to do more. So i ended up with these!

Haha. I don’t know pero proud na proud ako sa mga to. I’m like Dexter, the boy genius, brooding ever his latest thingamajigs or doohickeys labeling each one “the greatest invention ever completed.” That’s exactly how i feel about these pieces.

Maybe it’s because of how much skill it takes to draw those images using only this retarded ancient ball-mouse (yes optical mice/mouses are , for some reasons, still unavailable to me), or the fact that the colors pretty much remind me of how i vintage-y my mind is right now, or maybe its how the images looks sooo POP ART, which is what my art is basically all about. I don’t know I just like it. It represents me at a certain level.

what do you think?


September 11, 2008 § 2 Comments

Ewan ko. Pero pakiramdam ko nitong mga nakaraang buwan parang walang-wala akong gana gumuhit. Taenang yan, wala! As in wala! Ni matinong concept di ako makaisip, nauuwi lahat sa walang kakwenta kwentang mga doodle na hindi rin naman maganda sa paningin pag humahawak ako ng lapis at papel.

Pak Da Wat?

Siguro dahil naisip ako o namulat na mas marami pa talaga ang mas magaling sakin pagdating sa art. Haha, Ang yabang ko naman kasi e. Pa-cool masyado ampota. Pero marahil siguro na rin sa masyado akong nadala ng pagpopotosyap (photoshop). Pota ang sarap kasi e, walang ka-hassle hassle bigla bigla me “art” ka na kagad.

Kaso di nagtagal, nawala na din yung thrill ng digital art e. iba na din talaga yung gawang kamay, yung ikaw talga gumuhit gamit ang lapis bolpen at papel.  Iba yung fullfillment.

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Promo images for the third season of HEROES have been released and they sure look awesome. Hayden looks as hot as ever. But fellow fans digress the lack of Kristen Bell in the roster. Sad.

I liked how it looks like something that Alex Ross whipped up. It has this “painted” effect going for it, which I think is kinda cool.

It will start off with the Villains arc which i think will focus more on Sylar… I guess, I don’t know, but according to a write up on the 2nd or 3rd episode of the season, twelve villains will escape from The Company’s facility because of Sylar. Hmmm. Interesting.

Nathan got shot, at the end of season two, i bet Claire’s blood will do something about that predicament.

And about Claire, her powers are really ticking me off. Now the writers can kill anyone they want and just let Claire bring them back to life if they need to. Sheeesh. That’s smooth guys, real smooth.

I wonder what else could possibly happen to Hiro and Ando. I heard that they’re looking for this speedster, a female speedster, in Paris. finally, someone fast! And there’s also this business about Hiro’s family secret. Dun-dun-dun-duunnnn~!

You know who i really miss, Isaac Mendez. Hope they smack a buttload of Claire’s blood on his corpse so that they can bring him back.

Okay. Let’s see. Peter got his powers back already (his memories also). And so did Sylar. No one died permanently (well i’m a little unsure about this, as there’s Nathan’s shooting & Nikki’s explosion, but since their pictures are included in the roster… yeah). Everybody’s okay. Well lookee here, it seems like season two never really happened at all.

Well let’s face it. I wasn’t really that happy about how season 2 turned out (having only 11 episodes. shyeah, iknorite?), so I’m really hoping that season three would deliver the expected awesomeness for us fans.

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