August 24, 2008 § Leave a comment

I have been refraining from blogging anything about the Eraserheads’ reunion concert here on my blog, mostly because of how viral and incomplete the information that I’m getting for the event was. I opted to just place some write ups about it on my multiply blog. ( Since not many people know i have this site anyway! Yes tatlo lang kayong reader ko. shame shame shame. )

I was really excited about this. I mean, It’s the Eraserheads man. THE ERASERHEADS! These guys are the one’s responsible for what I am today, ( no, not a loser, that was caused by society. bada-bish! ) a band geek! Aside from being a Japanese, it was my dream to be like them.

From Toyang to Shirley to Ligaya to Julie to Barbie to Aling Nena. From Pop-U to Cutterpillow to Carbon Steroxide. Their songs has corrupted every bit of my mind and body- in a good way.

So yeah, this concert is a very big deal for me.

But as it turns out, I’m not even going. Yes, sad but true. The cost is just to much for a schoolboy like me. Plus i had no time to save up. Sad, yes. Very.

So to those who are going, send some youtube links my way, okay? Easy Ka Lang!


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