July 21, 2008 § 2 Comments

I’m freakin stoked for this!

I’ve been wondering how i could score some tickets. People say the concert’s free but you need a ticket to enter. Bah, i don’t really care if they don’t make another album, and how they still bitch about each other after 10 freaking years, I’m just happy that i could see them again  altogether playing  the songs that made me who I am today. Markus, Buddy, Raymund and Ely, I love you guys. Gay much?

Honestly, what do i have to do to score some tickets? Sexual favors anyone? blargh.



  • Pol says:

    You have to sign up on a website to be announced early August for the tix, that’s what they said anyways.

    Who wouldn’t kiss and make up for 10 FRIGGIN million pesos?! And rumor has it that the figure is for EACH member, even if it was for the band, 2.5m ain’t to bad to perform for a night. 😛

    Nood tyo? Scared?

  • Bugsy says:

    Gepol? That you man?

    Why would I be scared? This is my freakin’ Holy Grail, man!

    Nood tayo, may ticket o wala, kahit nasa may gate lang ako, pupunta ko. Iiyakan ko pa sila mga puta sila. Hehehe.

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