July 11, 2008 § Leave a comment

What a fucking cool teaser? right? right? I mean, come on! It’s Eminem!

And these guys. who do you think these guys are? It’s Orange and Lemons!

I got all the images from Azrael’s site. Get more info about the “clues.” there.

So okay, I’ve been praying for this ever since they fucken’ broke up. Everyone else are blogging and talking about the clues and hints spreading around for the said event, trying to figure out who this band is (if it really is the Eheads or not). But a comment on my brother’s blog said that the daughter of Raymund Marasigan himself (E-heads’ drummer) has confirmed that the said reunion will push through! Now i don’t know if the numbers below the large inverted E are really meant for the dates but Aug 30 2008 will be a very much anticipated date from here on out. I fucken assure you that!

Hell yeah! Count me in! Im so fucken going! How bout you?


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