July 9, 2008 § 1 Comment

As some you may or may not know, Bugsy Garcia is a member of a fledging band aptly named Kuneho. Aside form their name, there really is nothing much to say about the band. Their skills are, at best, mediocre, their gigs aren’t that great, in fact, they’re non existent. Charisma is what i think they are lacking. Or maybe effort. Maybe both.

And now, this down on the luck band has sinked even further downward due to some cuts on their line ups. Yep, the rodents are down to three, missing a bassist and another guitarist. The remaining members still want to continue though, and we’re hoping that there some people out there who might be interested in helping us out. are there any? come ooooooonnnnnnnnnnn……..

We play our own shit, er, i mean, songs, which usually caters about love and crap like that, (yes we know, we’re working on it). And artistic freedom has always been what our music playing is all about. If ever you’re a bassist or a guitarist from Malolos or Bulacan, (or anyone who can be at Malolos when it’s time for practice, we’re not picky.) you’re more that welcome to try out. We sound like most OPM bands, like Sugarfree, Rivermaya or E-heads (we’re patriotic like that), no screamos i’m afraid. Comment here or do contact us if you’re interested.

YM: bugsy_zeroeight@yahoo.com




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