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Finally! As in, FINALLY! Its open for business! As in, its open for BUSINESS!!

After, three mothafuckin’ freakin’ years, Gerald’s music studio is available for any bands out there with a tight budget. Welcome to the BANANA GANGBANG MUSIC STUDIO! Where for as low as a hundred bucks per hour, you can take advantage of our crappy, yet passable, music instruments all you want!! Yeah!

We have tshirts too! But they’re not yet printed, so yeah, whatever.

And by the way, we still need gigs! Give us some! We practice real hard. And we’re not half bad! Come on, give a brotha a break! We’ll make it worth it! Woooohoooo!



July 25, 2008 Comments Off on WHEN EVERYTHING IS FUCKED UP

Each of us has those moments of pure, utter helplessness. Of pure, utter weakness. Moments where we seem to think that everything is over, and that there is no way to get out of our predicament.

Sometimes, the thing with these predicaments, we try to hide them inside prerequisite, comforting phrases, or sayings, to up-heave the more primitive instinct lingering at the back of our heads. Anger, hate, denial… etc.

Nobody’s perfect. Everybody makes mistakes.

Yes no one is perfect. Most of us have chosen to believe that mistakes are a part of life. With these very comforting words, we can reason out that failure is not failure but only a bump on our proverbial road. Failure, is not something to be scared of, but something to look forward to. Everybody has those days. You face it. You live with it. Then you go on.

But then, it gets tiresome sometimes. There is a limit to how many times one can stand the un-glorious demise of success in their lives. And it’s in this moment that we see the comfort of giving up. We see it’s embracing arms waiting, as we fall back to it’s promise of defeat. We realize that pushing forward does nothing. We realize why some of us, after trying so many times, still fails. Simply put, they start believing that they are never meant to succeed. It’s easier that way, most would say, when you have accepted that you are a failure. A loser in the game of life.

This is where i am right now. Defeat after defeat. Failure after failure. Slowly, in front of me i am seeing the demise of my pride, my dreams, and everything else. I am tired, I want to give up. It’s no longer something i could live with. It’s no longer something i could let others take the hit for. The suffering for.

I honestly want to quit. To surrender. And God knows i’ve been ready for so long now.

*yes, that picture has nothing to do with the entry.


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…HAS made me incapable of making a witty, vulgar yet appealing title for this review. so instead, I’m naming it the bluntest way possible. Yes fuckers, this is the THE DARK KNIGHT review, and man o man, what a fucker this movie is.

Well the first thing that anyone’s gonna commend from this movie is the totally ballstastic performance of the late Heath Ledger. Go ahead, Google it up, look for everybody else’s comment for the movie, I’m pretty sure it’s all about how stellar Heath is in this film. And why wouldn’t they say that, the dead guy is a fucking genius in this movie. He pretty much kicked Brokeback Mountain away from my subconsciousness, now I don’t have to remember him as a cowboy wearing assless chaps.

As my brother said, his movie isn’t about the man in black, but rather the man in purple. It felt like Batsy was just along for the ride, Joker was the star, Joker was the man. And man, that man scared the bejeezuz outta me. No more laughing Joker with cheap parlor tricks and cleverly taught of back talks and punchlines. No dear no, this Joker is a freaking psycho. With a retarded sense of humor. All he wants is a little anarchy here in there, he doesn’t want no money, no power, just chaos. And for me, that really is the worst villain ever. No rules, no goals, just pure psychotic evil. Maniacal. Jack Nicholson can kiss Heath Ledger’s dead ass.

See the thing is, This comic-based-movie felt like it wasn’t a comic-based-movie at all. Not even close. sure there’s this guy wearing some armored tights with a cape and mask and has this pretty bad ass ride, but ever since Batman Begins, it felt like it was all plausible, it felt like all these shit really can happen. Any billionaire can be like the freaking Batman, Bill Gates? Donald Trump? Why the hell not, Nolan’s Batman series made me believe that this shit CAN be real.

Sure the movie is short of three hours long, but who cares? If it takes that long to tell a story this great, then I’m all for it. All the arcs smashed into this film flowed like poetry as i sat throughout the film. It was seamless. It was water. It was awesome.

Different from how the movie Wanted made me feel, this movie had an adverse effect on me, rather than being all fired up and goddamn giddy all the way home, I found myself quiet, indifferent and dull, I was just simple wowed. i was just simply amazed. I wasn’t in the mood to move. I wasn’t ready to accept that this film is corporeal and i had just witnessed it.

Okay, so maybe im just a fanboy or something, but i don’t care…

5 out of 5 GOLDEN BATARANGS for TDK!


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I’m freakin stoked for this!

I’ve been wondering how i could score some tickets. People say the concert’s free but you need a ticket to enter. Bah, i don’t really care if they don’t make another album, and how they still bitch about each other after 10 freaking years, I’m just happy that i could see them again  altogether playing  the songs that made me who I am today. Markus, Buddy, Raymund and Ely, I love you guys. Gay much?

Honestly, what do i have to do to score some tickets? Sexual favors anyone? blargh.


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What a fucking cool teaser? right? right? I mean, come on! It’s Eminem!

And these guys. who do you think these guys are? It’s Orange and Lemons!

I got all the images from Azrael’s site. Get more info about the “clues.” there.

So okay, I’ve been praying for this ever since they fucken’ broke up. Everyone else are blogging and talking about the clues and hints spreading around for the said event, trying to figure out who this band is (if it really is the Eheads or not). But a comment on my brother’s blog said that the daughter of Raymund Marasigan himself (E-heads’ drummer) has confirmed that the said reunion will push through! Now i don’t know if the numbers below the large inverted E are really meant for the dates but Aug 30 2008 will be a very much anticipated date from here on out. I fucken assure you that!

Hell yeah! Count me in! Im so fucken going! How bout you?


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As some you may or may not know, Bugsy Garcia is a member of a fledging band aptly named Kuneho. Aside form their name, there really is nothing much to say about the band. Their skills are, at best, mediocre, their gigs aren’t that great, in fact, they’re non existent. Charisma is what i think they are lacking. Or maybe effort. Maybe both.

And now, this down on the luck band has sinked even further downward due to some cuts on their line ups. Yep, the rodents are down to three, missing a bassist and another guitarist. The remaining members still want to continue though, and we’re hoping that there some people out there who might be interested in helping us out. are there any? come ooooooonnnnnnnnnnn……..

We play our own shit, er, i mean, songs, which usually caters about love and crap like that, (yes we know, we’re working on it). And artistic freedom has always been what our music playing is all about. If ever you’re a bassist or a guitarist from Malolos or Bulacan, (or anyone who can be at Malolos when it’s time for practice, we’re not picky.) you’re more that welcome to try out. We sound like most OPM bands, like Sugarfree, Rivermaya or E-heads (we’re patriotic like that), no screamos i’m afraid. Comment here or do contact us if you’re interested.


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