May 28, 2008 § Leave a comment

BY ART! NYAHA! Okay, so i only know one guy personally from this exhibit, but still, this exhibit looks like something that would tickle the artsy in me, or in anyone for that matter. After the success of Mansterville, our buddy Nemo ( and friends!) is at it again with HOSTILE TAKEOVER! Man, i which i could paint i real life and not just in Photoshop, i suck so much when it comes to colors.

This June 7 ,2008 (friday)/ White Box Studio Stall # 59 Cubao Shoe Expo. Araneta/ for inquiries #4373839/ exhibit runs until June 18,2008/ see you!

Do come If you have the time! And if ever, buy some paintings if you have the money! Oh and by the way, I’ve never been to Cubao Expo! Perstaym! See more of Nemo’s shit here!

NOW ON an entirely different note! EHRA MADRIGAL! (after the cut!)


Something to cheer you up during your first day high! June rocks so much!


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