May 25, 2008 § 3 Comments

Gusto ko ng Lomo cam! I want a Holga! And I want it right now! Now gaddemmet!

I want a Lomo cam so that any shot i take will be deemed artistic and unique, Emo by some, full of emotions, and can be considered a representation of the complexities in life. Then I’ll load it up at Deviantart, where people will comment things similar to what i have written above, i will be deemed more artistic than how artistic I am now… Shyeah right!

Anyway, Lomography is all the rave now among artistic dudes. And being an artistic dude myself, it’s only natural that I too will get interested in these trendy, cheap-looking cameras. I checked out Team Manila’s Lomo site for their price list, and all i got to say is… not bad, P3,000 for a unit? P4,500 for a starter kit? P8,000 for a package? pretty cheap right? not bad, not bad at all… Too bad I’m dirt poor.

Alms? alms?

So instead of saving up, because i think my wallet is incapable of storing money higher than 100 pesos, and being the Filipino that i am, I searched for alternative methods to Lomofy my life. And after a few round on board my thinking chair a.k.a. the toilet, It seems all i needed was my trusty point-and-shoot camera and my ever dependable Photoshop skills. I’ve never treated photos in Photoshop before, usually i only use it to make posters or color drawings and what not, photo manipulation never quite got me giddy, so I’m having quite a hard time finding out which filter to tweak. Faking Lomography is a bitch as i soon found out, but all i need is practice.

This was my first try at faking Lomography, I laugh at it nowadays, you can too, if you like. It so obvious, i only used the gradient tool (too much) here and nothing more, pretty weak. I even had the guts to upload this to multiply, maybe i should considered taking it down now.


this shit is whacked!

Well the chair shot looked quite decent, in fact that’s where i got the idea for my future faking projects.

After my first try which spelled a lot like EPIC FAIL, i waited quite a while before going up the saddle again, the next one was after i went on a trip, (i have uploaded the photos here before, so I’ll just put up some thumbnails). The thing with this batch was, I refrained from darkening the sides, (as photos taken by a Holga, my Lomo of choice, usually has dim sides). So it made these batch look more like, new-old photos, if ever that makes any sense. The trick here was I made a layer and colored it brown, then multiplied it, then lowered it’s opacity. Voila!

Quite pass-able if i may say so.

In my next try, i treated some of our photos from Summerslam 8. this time what i did was play around with the brightness/contrast, levels, curves and saturation. The photos was so dark that i didn’t get to play much with the colors, although the colors looks more alive now than its originals… I think. (Again thumbnails).

I look like a freakin’ fag in these photos.

So finally, i tried putting all those stuff altogether. Darkening of the edges, (this time using the burn tool, which is kind of permanent) colored layers that serves as filters, tweaking of the brightness/contrast, curves, levels, and saturation, and in the end these are what I came up with…

So there you go… What do you think? God, all this work just to be a POSER. It could have been easier if I just bought the goddamn cam! Maybe when i get my payslip from AVON I’ll treat my self to one. Or go to a bar. Whatever.

Oh and by the way, i heard from a friend who just came from the states that Lomo cams there only cost $30 a pop! He bought three! What an ass!

PS. I apologize to those whose faces are seen within this post, just tell me if you don’t like it, i’ll just take it down. Thanks!



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