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I’ve come to a conclusion that i don’t really need another site to house my futile attempt to review Mangas. I’ve decided to just put it here, as a series! WTF right? right?

So what, you ask, do I have in store for you, dear fellow Manga addict? Well, basically, I’ll report about things you already know about! great! right? right? Well somebody’s gotta do this!

For starters I’ll be reviewing recent chapters of some of the more popular Mangas around. the likes of Naruto, Bleach, Eyeshield21 and more. Also hopefully, in future updates, I can introduce you to new finds, something not that popular, but all the while, still a good read! Echhi? Hentai? You got it! IKNOERITE?!

Well, here goes nuthin’!

Ok, for those new to the Naruto Manga world, those living under a rock, yes I’m talking to you, I’ll first give you a little back up story. Uchiha Sasuke, has finally had his fight against his brother, Akatsuki member, Uchiha Itachi. During the fight, Itachi explained to Sasuke the supposed reason why he left him alive after murdering everyone in their clan. He explained about the weakness of the Mangekyou, and the existence of Uchiha Madara. (chapter 384-386) The fight went on for ages, with the brothers dealing out, almost all of their most skilled and deadly techniques. Amaterasu here, Chidori there! Melted my balls off, it did! In the end (spoiler! but then again so is everything else here!) Sasuke unbelievably won, and Itachi died. Several Japanese girls committed suicide at the same time. whew!

So now here we are, Naruto chapter 401: Illusion. Tobi a.k.a. Uchiha Madara (HA!) has taken Sasuke’s body, maimed from the fight, to his hideout. He is telling the story of how Itachi is not how Sasuke has known him to be, but rather something completely different and quite opposite as to how he is presented up until now in the Manga. Man these Manga can really twist a story! Apparently after the flashback story which started in chapter 396, Sasuke is seen contemplating as to what step he has to take next. Naruto hasn’t appeared lately in the last chapters, which sucks, cause this IS his Manga. Read it here.

In Bleach chapter -101 (323): Turn Back The Pendulum 8, we see the 8th part of a flashback set in Hueco Mund, where Urahara Kisuke (asshat) just became the Captain for the 12th division of Gotei 13. What’s fun in this current storyline is we get to see in action those who are formerly part of Soul Society before they departed, much like Yourichi and all of the known Vaizards. Now I’m still hoping that i get to see some of Ichigo’s dad back when he was still captain of whatever division.

In this chapter we get to see two of the future Vaizards turn into a Hollow for the first time. Cool beans! OORIYAH!

One Piece’ story line has such a fast pace that there are already so many things that happened since the Thriller Bark arc. It’s such a pain in the ass to recall all of them so I’ll just stick with the review of the current chapter.

The Strawhats are now at Shabondy Archipelago, were human, fishmen, and mermaid trafficking is allowed. Slavery is still legal in these parts, and if you have the money, you can buy a slave or two if feel like it. (Dyesebel in my bathtub? Hell Yeah!) Caimie, the Strawhat’s mermaid friend , is kidnapped and is to be auctioned, the crew is looking all over Shabondy for their friend. Meanwhile, at the auction house, The series introduces, somebody of great value in the future, Coating Engineer SIlvers Reyleigh! BOOM!

In Air Gear, Kazu, the next in line to be Flame King, has lost his spirit and his will to air treck when he lost the Flame Regalia, while training at the mountains, to Aeon Clock. The Team is detoriorating because their speedster is lacking in morale.

After Joining a scamming cult that serves a deity called Loki, Kazu is thrusted into a fight by the deity himself, which is in actuality just Ikki in a costume working for the cult as a part time job to buy his own Air Trecks. Ikki was successful into reviving Kazu’s spirit but was quite aggravated when Kazu beats him, the situation turned dangerous as Ikki is now showing the power of the future Storm King. WHOOSH!

The Christmas Bowl is starting and the Deimon Devilbats are facing their toughest opponent yet! The long running Christmas Bowl champions, Teikoku Alexanders!

The Devilbats are the first up at offense will they score the first touchdown? Nothing more i can say about this chapter! Read it now! PRRRRT!

Well i think that’s enough for starters. I’m still aiming a separate site for Mangafreak, but for the mean time this will do. Wait for my primers for those who wants to know more about the Manga. These primers will serve as a sort of intro to the story!


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