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Hi, I’ve decided to update everyone about what’s been going with me lately, yeah, in short, i got nothing interesting to blog. Bear with me. Partial nudity included!

First off, disappointment abound care of Angel Locsin and Maxim. That, Maxim, is what you call false advertising! Pft. Angel Locsin in a dress. Pft. Liek we haven’t seen that before. Sigh. And i was sooo ready to be awesomed! Meh… Good thing my cuz bought an issue first.

So to all those guys just like me who was expecting to see a little more of angel’s hot bod, don’t get you’re hope’s up, that cover as far as she goes… at the moment. Hmm.. here’s a thought, napansin ko lang that those stars that are already down on their luck, you know, those showbiz personalities without anymore decent careers to speak of, usually turns to shedding their clothes just to up their status again. hmm.. maybe, just maybe, if we ignore Angel, for like, i don’t know, two years? then maybe she’ll think about changing her goody goody virginal image to a more sex vixen like allure. hmm? nice idea aye?



There, now that we got that over with, let’s start my update.

I’m actually doing time right now, (dun dun duunnn), for my OJT, that is!! See what i did there? no? Well, anyway, moving along… So, yeah, right now I’m close to finishing my 200 hours of manual labor. I’m working for AVON, the company made for women by money worshiping men, doing stuff in their Macs (yeah Macs, first time i handled one, it’s freakin cool and powerful!). Basically what i do is look at pictures of make-ups, moisturizers, lotions, facial hulabaloos, and some underage girls in their underwear…

no wait…

It was a pretty sweet job, models, food, state of the art gadgetry, Makati… only drawback is, I now know a lot more about make-up than my girlfriend. whatta gay.

We decided to call my Pomeranian Bam, or Bam-bam, just because his real name is Bamboo. The previous owner, what a rock fanatic… or grass fanatic… watev. I wanted to call him Kadyot, because he likes to kadyot. Yeah, 4 months old and already learning the ways of the Perv. A prodigy. This could mean big business in the future. Stud anyone?

I went to Tagaytay last May 3, with Jessica, Glaissa and Raissa, (yes they’re twins). Just to relax and unwind. Too bad it rained, Jessica originally wanted to go to Enchanted Kingdom, but it was all good, we had fun anyways. More pictures here and here.

Glah, Jess and Ta

The other day, I was surfing the net while i was at work, cause that’s what you do when you’re at work, well anyway, while i was cyber-stalking some people at the Man-Blog, I found semi-nude photos of Ms. Megan “I’m-more-than-meets-the-eye” Fox! FTW! Thanks Coco! I think these pictures are for an upcoming movie called Jane’s Body, i don’t know any details about the movie yet, all i know is I will watch this bitch of a movie the moment they show it here! Moving along, I’ve always had this huge schoolboy crush with Ms. Fox here. Ever since I watched Transformers. Well, anyway, just this morning, i was feeling bored and apparently had nothing to do as it was raining hard outside, i decided to photoshopped some of the pictures!

Freakin sexy! Freakin Boobies!

Lastly, I’ve been trying to put up this site, called Mangafreak. What it is, is basically an information hub of sorts about manga and anything related to manga. Reviews, updates, recommendations, the works. No dimwit, I’m not talking about mangoes here, Japanese comic books man, Japanes comic books! Well, I’ve already got some reviews lined up, and some primers too, the problem is, as usual, I’m as lazy as ever, and i think it’ll take some time , and much self persuasion before that site can actually be deemed fully functional. do wait for though.

So there, alang kwenta, pero atleast me effort. goodbye mothahumpers!


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