May 12, 2008 § 1 Comment

We got another dog for our little kennel, but no more flat-faced, pig-fat, they’re-so-ugly-it’s-cute breed this time (i’m talking about pugs here). This time we got a 4 month old, male, pomeranian, and what sweetheart this dog is. (yeah i just said sweetheart!)

The problem is, the previous owner didn’t give it a name, I mean it has a name, officially, in it’s birth certificate. But we usually give our dogs other cool names aside from their real names, names like “Balat” and “Tisay” or “Assapopulous”. So currently we’re calling it Pom-pom, just because it’s a pomeranian, but i don’t want it to stay that way, i mean come on Pom-pom the Pomeranian?! What creative brains, rite? I want to call it Boots, for no reason whatsoever, I asked my girlfriend for some names too, she gave me Popcorn or Pomelo… what do you think?

Have any cool names to add? Go!



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