May 31, 2008 § 1 Comment

There is a fine line that separates being drunk and being pissed-drunk. A very fine, thin line, that is almost non-existent. Almost.

I found out that the best, and worst, way to find out what the difference between them, is your girlfriend telling you everything that you we’re doing with a high level of inebriation the night before.

There is no problem with just being drunk. People understands you when your just drunk. They even pity you sometimes. When your just drunk, it’s either your quiet or otherwise loud, but all the same you’re coherent, and you make sense amidst being slurry and sluggish. You still have your marbles.

Yes there can be an unexplainable smirk in your face when your drunk, or a gloomy, emo-ish aura, and there’s a possibility that you might do something stupid, or something more stupid than normal, something you know you’ll regret, yet you still continue with it, because amidst that, all in all, you’re aware, you’re okay, you know what you’re doing, you know that that your inhibitions have been thrown out the window. You know very well that one good sleep is all you need, and you’ll laugh about it the day after. That’s okay.

What’s not okay is this, picture someone walking down the street at 2 am in the morning, gesticulating foreign gang hand signs to anyone he run across to. Shouting “Vatos Locos! Vatos Locos! Esse!”, disregarding the fact that he’s Filipino, all because he saw a portion of a mexican film before going out on the street. “Vatos Locos Esse!”

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BY ART! NYAHA! Okay, so i only know one guy personally from this exhibit, but still, this exhibit looks like something that would tickle the artsy in me, or in anyone for that matter. After the success of Mansterville, our buddy Nemo ( and friends!) is at it again with HOSTILE TAKEOVER! Man, i which i could paint i real life and not just in Photoshop, i suck so much when it comes to colors.

This June 7 ,2008 (friday)/ White Box Studio Stall # 59 Cubao Shoe Expo. Araneta/ for inquiries #4373839/ exhibit runs until June 18,2008/ see you!

Do come If you have the time! And if ever, buy some paintings if you have the money! Oh and by the way, I’ve never been to Cubao Expo! Perstaym! See more of Nemo’s shit here!

NOW ON an entirely different note! EHRA MADRIGAL! (after the cut!)

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May 25, 2008 § 3 Comments

Gusto ko ng Lomo cam! I want a Holga! And I want it right now! Now gaddemmet!

I want a Lomo cam so that any shot i take will be deemed artistic and unique, Emo by some, full of emotions, and can be considered a representation of the complexities in life. Then I’ll load it up at Deviantart, where people will comment things similar to what i have written above, i will be deemed more artistic than how artistic I am now… Shyeah right!

Anyway, Lomography is all the rave now among artistic dudes. And being an artistic dude myself, it’s only natural that I too will get interested in these trendy, cheap-looking cameras. I checked out Team Manila’s Lomo site for their price list, and all i got to say is… not bad, P3,000 for a unit? P4,500 for a starter kit? P8,000 for a package? pretty cheap right? not bad, not bad at all… Too bad I’m dirt poor.

Alms? alms?

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May 23, 2008 § 1 Comment

I’ve come to a conclusion that i don’t really need another site to house my futile attempt to review Mangas. I’ve decided to just put it here, as a series! WTF right? right?

So what, you ask, do I have in store for you, dear fellow Manga addict? Well, basically, I’ll report about things you already know about! great! right? right? Well somebody’s gotta do this!

For starters I’ll be reviewing recent chapters of some of the more popular Mangas around. the likes of Naruto, Bleach, Eyeshield21 and more. Also hopefully, in future updates, I can introduce you to new finds, something not that popular, but all the while, still a good read! Echhi? Hentai? You got it! IKNOERITE?!

Well, here goes nuthin’!

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May 22, 2008 § Leave a comment


I was able to catch Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Skulls on it’s opening day, and man, oh man.. What a drag.

Don’t get me wrong here, I LOVED Indy’s trilogy, When i was young all i wanted was to be like him, I dreamt that one day I’ll get to own my own fedora hat, whip and leather jacket. I partially fullfilled that dream, I got the whip, though not the hat, and the leather jacket is now a leather ass-less pants.

I idolized Indy and maybe that’s why i felt that the last movie didn’t quite deliver. One thing was, it was very predictable. All throughout the film, you can tell what’s going to happen. Another thing was the action, especially the car chase (or jeep chase. watev.) it was so slow and boring that I dozed off! srsly! Good thing there was a cool sword fight at the middle, which woke me up for a few good minutes. The giant ants were cool but frosted monkey brains are way cooler that that! And finally, my last grudge…. Aliens? Come on! Aliens?? Indiana Jones and ALIENS? I can’t explain it, but for me, that’s just sad.

Hoping for a better one next time, if ever there is a next one.


May 17, 2008 § 4 Comments


Finally an online community for Tamaraws by Tamaraws. Welcome one and all!

I’ve been a member since it’s initial conception (I was part of the conception actually), and God only knows why I’m only promoting it’s existence now. Please do drop by if you’re a fellow Tamaraw, whether you’re from Morayta, FERN or NRMF, an alumni, or even if you’re an outsider, we don’t care, just as long as you support the FEU Tamaraw, you’re more than welcome.

The forum was previously connected to the FEU Advocate’s site (still is, but now on a more loose partnership), to serve as the Advocate’s discussion board of sorts. But later on, it took on a life of it’s own and now, here we are. An independent online entity.

Right now, Mr. Aldrin Vasquez, the forum’s author, is working on a the initial site for the forum, which will be named TAMBAYAN, i think, or is it TAMARAW BAYAN? Watev. Do wait for the primary site, but for now, join us as we discuss anything and everything about FEU, and more!



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Hi, I’ve decided to update everyone about what’s been going with me lately, yeah, in short, i got nothing interesting to blog. Bear with me. Partial nudity included!

First off, disappointment abound care of Angel Locsin and Maxim. That, Maxim, is what you call false advertising! Pft. Angel Locsin in a dress. Pft. Liek we haven’t seen that before. Sigh. And i was sooo ready to be awesomed! Meh… Good thing my cuz bought an issue first.

So to all those guys just like me who was expecting to see a little more of angel’s hot bod, don’t get you’re hope’s up, that cover as far as she goes… at the moment. Hmm.. here’s a thought, napansin ko lang that those stars that are already down on their luck, you know, those showbiz personalities without anymore decent careers to speak of, usually turns to shedding their clothes just to up their status again. hmm.. maybe, just maybe, if we ignore Angel, for like, i don’t know, two years? then maybe she’ll think about changing her goody goody virginal image to a more sex vixen like allure. hmm? nice idea aye?



There, now that we got that over with, let’s start my update.

I’m actually doing time right now, (dun dun duunnn), for my OJT, that is!! See what i did there? no? Well, anyway, moving along… So, yeah, right now I’m close to finishing my 200 hours of manual labor. I’m working for AVON, the company made for women by money worshiping men, doing stuff in their Macs (yeah Macs, first time i handled one, it’s freakin cool and powerful!). Basically what i do is look at pictures of make-ups, moisturizers, lotions, facial hulabaloos, and some underage girls in their underwear…

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