April 2, 2008 § 1 Comment

One freaking hooray to you guys! Finally! Kongrachshumalayshuns everybody!

I envy you guys! honestly, when is it gonna be my turn?

i’d like to shake your hands personally on your graduation days but as fate would have it, i was forced to perform one of my famous disappearing acts prior to you graduation due too some really sad sad news. Yes, i do that so that i could be emotional and shit like that. But anyways, I’m fine now, but still I’m regretting that i wasn’t there to see you off, so i though about it and came to the conclusion that why not do it now, so here goes…

First and foremost, I’d like to congratulate Criz and Xane. Kudos to you guys. Also, I’d like to thank you guys for helping out in my studies, i know it was hard trying to make something plausible out of those idiotic things that i do, so a big thank you, for the help and for the friendship. It will be hard without you guys around. hope i can join you at the outside soon. you will be missed.

Oh, and by the way an extra congratulations to Xane, heard you were cum laude, am i right? Way to go bunsoy.

Jecelyn and Phoebe, congrats to you guys, you earned it. I am grateful to you guys for taking the time to get to know someone like me. Also thanks for being a friend to Jessica too. Thanks!

Kenneth! Master! King Bison! Graphic Artist Extrodinaire! Congrats pare, wag mo nang pindutn ang CTRL+Z, baka mawala bigla ang diploma mo!

Reich! Sana naman bayaran mo na yung mga jeep na pinagkakautangan mo ng pamasahe! Haha. Kidding side, congrats! I’m sad, no more “girl negra.”

Diopia, and Awi na rin. Mga tsong, congrats, good luck on your chosen professions, i know you have what i takes.

Babs! Congrats! Now you can finally have a boyfriend. Is that Mardev i hear running? Anyway, i would just like to point out that you are gonna be one hell of a pretty nurse. Am i right guys? expect countless patients confessing they’re undying love for you.

Did i forget anyone important? hmm.. Anyway, and finally, to everyone else graduating or thus have already graduated, congratulations guys. No more textbooks, no more homeworks, no more thesis. Say goodbye to the world of academics and say hello to the world of unemployment. i bid you goodluck!

If ever there are some who are dissapointed that they’re names are not included just give a holler, i’m pretty much smashed right now and i might have overlooked someone or something. congrats!

P.S. i have never seen “congratulations”, “congrats” and “kudos” used this much in one entry. cool beans!


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