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So my brother, Bot, told me we’re going to summer slam. “Finally!” i said to myself, as i have been wanting to attend summer slam since i first read about it way way waaay back. I was really excited as the last time i was left out from this kind of events, this happened. yeaiknoerite? Imagine my excitement.

My brother knows this guy, Peewee, a DJ in a local club here in Malolos, and man, he’s got quite some connections. He was the guy responsible why my brother has his arms around Iya and Nikki Gil at the same fucking time. He was to be our our guide, our savior, our saint, our way to the promise land, a land where faces melt, and ears cum.

Okay, so i won’t be telling you how freaking cool the event was, cause i know, you already know, that it’s freaking cool. I wont even tell you folks how i got into the backstage, without buying any tickets or giving out sexual favors whatsoever! Cause I’m such a douche, I’ll post pictures from the concert, backstage pictures mothahumpers! Expect to see me rubbing elbows with celebrities and rock stars alike. Yeah! Said pictures after the cut!!

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I can still remember how emo i got during Summer slam 7. I didn’t get to attend that one, but I’m definitely going to this one! See you there. Eto na ang mga Vampires ng Malolos! HAHAHLOLOLOLOL!


April 4, 2008 § 2 Comments

Yes, you’re 19 baby. and I’m happy that this time i got to spend your birthday with you. And I’m sorry cause all I could do is give you flowers, mainly because I’m a cheap bastard. I stooped down to mushyness to save my neck. sheesh. But anyway, to make up for my unwanted thriftiness I’m dedicating this post to dear you.

Remember how you’ve always bugged me about those photo booths that spew out continous strip of black and white photos? And remember how we scoured every corner of the metro just to find one, and we didn’t? Well chin up baby, cause your awesome as hell boyfriend is here to make things better! Nope i haven’t found the said photo booth, but instead, i tapped my uncanny graphic artist abilities to bring you…


happy birthday niey hope you had a great time! i love you so much! mwah!


April 2, 2008 § 1 Comment

One freaking hooray to you guys! Finally! Kongrachshumalayshuns everybody!

I envy you guys! honestly, when is it gonna be my turn?

i’d like to shake your hands personally on your graduation days but as fate would have it, i was forced to perform one of my famous disappearing acts prior to you graduation due too some really sad sad news. Yes, i do that so that i could be emotional and shit like that. But anyways, I’m fine now, but still I’m regretting that i wasn’t there to see you off, so i though about it and came to the conclusion that why not do it now, so here goes…

First and foremost, I’d like to congratulate Criz and Xane. Kudos to you guys. Also, I’d like to thank you guys for helping out in my studies, i know it was hard trying to make something plausible out of those idiotic things that i do, so a big thank you, for the help and for the friendship. It will be hard without you guys around. hope i can join you at the outside soon. you will be missed. « Read the rest of this entry »

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