March 31, 2008 § 4 Comments

Fuck the weather! Fuck the weather in the ass with a shovel and a spoon! I hate it.

It’s hard enough looking for a site for your practicum, (I mean, who would be willing to take in a over aged undergrad like me, who apparently doesn’t know anything about “hard work,” or in this matter, just plain old “work,”) but it’s harder when you’re walking along Morayta under the ball-scorching heat of the fucking Sun, who apparently thinks that upping it’s temperature a few gazillion degrees is funny. Fuck you Sun. Fuck you in the face with a shoe tied to a baboon!

And being fat doesn’t really help. I’m sweating like a pig. Imagine your armpits being all sticky and slimy, it’s like putting some freshly made buko pandan salad in your pits then running around the street for no apparent reason. I should know, I’ve tried it. And it just doesn’t feel right.

After my job hunt, i opted to go to the mall on the way home, cause seriously, kailangan ko magpalamig. The mall is 3o minutes away from where I am, i had a choice of either riding a jeepney or an fx. Cheap bastard that i am, riding a cab was out of the question. I know i can’t bear the heat anymore, and riding a jeepney will only prolong my agony, so i opted to wait for an fx.


Now i know that what most people do upon entering an fx is to hog the air con, and thats what i did, i disregarded the fact that there were other people soaking in their own sweat in the fx with me, i hogged the air con like there was no tomorrow, i even disregarded the fact my GIRLFRIEND WAS RIGHT BESIDE ME, but, still, to no avail! The air coming out was even hotter that the air outside!

Now manong driver, i know that all you want to do is earn a few honest buck so that you could feed your family of sixteen and your other family of eleven pancit canton and some monay, and i don’t really care, that’s your thing man, thats what makes you cool in your own squattery way. but please, next time try to consider the welfare of your passengers. Did you even noticed that half of your passengers already passed out? No, they’re not asleep sir, you can’t sleep when your ass is on fire. Also, when someone calls out to you asking if you could turn up the air conditioning, please try to contemplate on the suggestion, and like i said, think about the people you’re conning with your faulty mobile and the situation. Hell is on earth and all we want is that you turn up the air con! Also that radio station doesn’t really help, kailangan pa bang i-memorize yan?

Lastly, when all your passengers are already groaning and moaning and in the brink of death because of the intense heat and aggravation, please, DO NOT TURN OFF THE AIR CON. Like what the fuck is wrong with you, are we not paying you enough??!

Fuck you manong, fuck you in the ear with Derek Ramsey’s dick.



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