March 24, 2008 § 4 Comments

I want one. I really do. Bigla na lang pumasok sa isip ko e. I want to own a fully restored or pimped out Beetle. Asteeg!


I daydream a lot. A lot. And kanina, ito ang napagtripan ko. Wouldn’t it be cool to own something like this? I know, alam kong pagkakaguluhan sya ng mga bata kakapendong peace, pero kahit na, parang mapormang maporma ka pag nakasakay ka sa ganito.

I know nothing about beetles, I just know that they were made by the Nazis during WWII. also, i know that the cartoon version of the Transformer Bumblebee is a beetle. So I researched about it. I heard there was a VW club here in the Philippines ( from the movie Because of You, during Heart and Geoff’s story. Yes i watch Tagalog love stories, what about it?) so i opted to look for them in the net to feed my yearning about my new obsession. Wow, mas lalo ako naenganyo! i never knew there we’re so many different models, and even more ways to pimp it out! Cooool!

Vintage is the way to go. Ok, so syempre gusto ko paring mag ka GSR, Eclipse at Mazda3, pero feeling ko matagal pa bago mangyari yun e. Dito muna ko kay Herbie… seems cheaper… i think.

1956beetle_karmann_convertible_by_volksmania-copy.jpgImagine, a top down bug, with white or khaki leather interiors (synthetic para mura) chrome plated furnishings (or stainless steel, whatever), White walled tires, and chrome plated tire caps. kinda like the one in the picture. Only i want it in dark blue. and maybe i can do something about the folded roof. that would be awesome.

I really hope i could make this day dream into reality, just imagine driving along Timog or Ortigas riding in this baby.. BONER!

Yey! Now wasn’t that a time waster! Yey!


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