March 24, 2008 § 7 Comments

Jessica has been nagging me forever for an out of town trip. I was never really enthusiastic about it, as it spells out a ton of complications just waiting to happen. But as everything in this world is riddled with complications, what the hell, i gave in anyway. And the outcome: Baguio!

I have to applaud my girl for this, as she planned everything about this trip. From the transportation to the lodging. Clap. Clap. Clap!

We only stayed overnight, but it felt longer than that. I can’t explain it, but i think time slows down in Baguio. This trip was made of pure win. Pictures after the cut!

bugsy garcia
Jessica and Bugsy in the city of awesome!
We really didn’t do much on the first day but to look for a place to stay, we only got to go out later that night.
Jessica and Lara. After having dinner at Camp John Hay, we met up with Lara. Gimmick time. Nevada baby!
Obligatory pic, para lang masabi na nasa Baguio.
I forgot the name of the place we went in too… damn, basta, it’s somewhere in Nevada, yung pababa! Had some beers, listened to some live band, the singer was flirting with us, yeah including me, napagkamalan nanaman akong babae!
Do i look like a girl? Honestly?
The next morning we visited the strawberry farm. tuwang tuwa lang si jess.
Bought some pasalubong! Pero si Jessica lang din ang kumain ng lahat nyan.
Then off to Botanical Garden! Flowers, trees and indigenous people!
See, i told you, flowers!

And trees! tall trees! o me indigenous pang kasama!
That’s me and jessie.
We also went to Mine’s View park… dami jologs. but the view was great as always.
We also went to Grotto, but jessica has the good pictures, so instead we’ll move on, Welcome to Disneyland! i keed, i keed, this the Baguio Cathedral, we had our Palm Sunday mass there. (mukhang mainit sa baguio ah…)
So there, that’s basically how our trip went. Here’s Gov. Notnot Saying goodbye!

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