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Is it still considered “Holy” week if all you did was shout profanities to someone you despise, although said person is not really gonna hear your rant because they live miles away, but nonetheless you still shout profanities as if talking to someone beside you, making you look like you have Tourette syndrome or something?

Is it still “Holy” if all you kept thinking about was which of your friends would sponsor the next set booze or what bar would offer better liquor value for a hundred bucks, because you can’t do anything right now but to drink your ass off?

Is it still “Holy” if you have this undying desire to just smack a person unconscious, repeatedly strike his/her face until all his/her teeth fall out or until his/her face is on the other of his/her head, whichever comes first, or to just day dream about miserable “accidents” that could happen to the said person?

No? Then my friends, I. Am. Going. To. Hell.

It’s unnerving to think that all this bad luck is piling up in front of me right now, this early. I mean, March pa lang o, and i already lost so many things. I know some of it is really my fault but then again some of it is just plain bad luck. Karma? Fuck! If this is karma then I better get something really damn good to compensate for all this bullshit that’s happening in my life.

Bugsy’s Quarterly Epic Fail List:

1. My Cellphone. I know it’s not really that impressive, it’s not high-end, and it’s not that expensive, but still, it’s my effing phone. To you sir, the one who took my phone, I am condemning your soul to hell. And I hope you get ass raped one of this days.

2. My Org. yes my dears, finally, I’m quitting my beloved organization. After my four years of stay, of devoted service and loyalty, I’m finally letting go. Ayoko naman talaga mag quit, it’s just that the advocate right now is not what it’s used to be, plus i just can’t work with some of the people there. I know i can still do plenty more for the org and I can honestly say to myself that I am an asset. But it has to happen, i know some people are rejoicing, but what do i care, this is no victory for them. My stay there is very productive, di lang sa mata ko, kundi sa mata ng ibang tao sa labas ng advo, unlike some people.

3. My Academics. i’m tired of writing about this. swear. paulit ulit ulit ulit ulit…

4. My Potpot. I miss you. Again, ass rape.

5. My Mom. My mom is now working in Tokyo. I don’t know what’s her job or for how long she’s gonna stay there. Ayoko isipin. I can’t still accept the fact that we are now mommy less for God knows when. While she was still here, i never asked about this career move, or the details concerning her employment, di ko talaga matanggap na kailangan pa nyang mangibang bansa. Pero sometimes i feel like i am the reason why she has to work abroad. If only i could finish my studies earlier, money wouldn’t be a problem. (which brings me back to my Acads: fuck you ulet.)

Sigh. What a failure this Bugsy dude is. there are still plenty more to rant about, but i just don’t have the energy to rant anymore.

By the way, i heard someone has written something about me, or i don’t know, something to that effect. I haven’t read the article per say, and i don’t plan on reading it. I just want to say that i don’t really care anymore. I have reflected enough during the holy week to believe that this really isn’t worth it. And it’s all pointless. But just to make it clear, you’re still not my friend. And i still want you out of that org.

(promise, last na to.)


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