March 9, 2008 § 2 Comments

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! Yes another God forsaken year of my life have passed! Great! Any achievements you’d like to share Mr. Armani? Hahaha! Are you kidding me?! Like what I’ve said, failing is my only passion in life. Yes dad, still no graduation. No mom, I’m still not moving out. Ahh yes. Such sweet realizations on the day of my 23rd.

But anyway I’m not here to sulk, as my greatest achievement in life has a little surprise in store for my birthday! Yes, her sugar-momma instincts got tingled and little old me was the culprit.Hooray!

the biggest loser with his greatest achievement!

So any way, like i was saying, Jessica asked me out (yes guys ako ang niyayang makipagdate) on my birthday, She kept hinting that she has a surprise in store, and knowing her, she likes her surprises (even tough sometimes, obvious na.) So i played along.

We met up at Trinoma, because dun na ata kami nakatira. And she led me to the top floor to Friday’s. I was anxiuos as to what the surprise might be as the last one really got me good.

Weird enough the waiters started calling Jessica by her first name immediately as we entered, as if she frequents that restaurant. And she specifically told me that it was first time there too! hmmmm!

Anyway we sat, down on our RESERVED (another hint right there) tables and ordered.


that is one huge ass burger!

Man that’s a good burger. You know it’s a good burger when it’s THE SIZE OF YOUR FACE! Damn! So ayun nga, we ate, we ate, we laughed, we took pictures and had a fantastimically good time. and then……


SURPRISE! Hehehe. it’s an obvious stint, i know, but still, i was surprised. See how my FACE MELTED? That’s me when surprised!

There, after that we just walked along Eastwood city and had a grand time. thanks for the birthday treat hunniey!

Happy Birthday!

oh yeah marchfest has officially started, so happy birthday to:

seth, mike, lara, kiam, engel, raizza, pauline, ninx, ian, robald, paula, kathy, ashley, tado, joshua, dianne, robert jaworski and sa lahat ng pinanganak sa buwan ng marso!


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