March 31, 2008 § 4 Comments

Fuck the weather! Fuck the weather in the ass with a shovel and a spoon! I hate it.

It’s hard enough looking for a site for your practicum, (I mean, who would be willing to take in a over aged undergrad like me, who apparently doesn’t know anything about “hard work,” or in this matter, just plain old “work,”) but it’s harder when you’re walking along Morayta under the ball-scorching heat of the fucking Sun, who apparently thinks that upping it’s temperature a few gazillion degrees is funny. Fuck you Sun. Fuck you in the face with a shoe tied to a baboon!

And being fat doesn’t really help. I’m sweating like a pig. Imagine your armpits being all sticky and slimy, it’s like putting some freshly made buko pandan salad in your pits then running around the street for no apparent reason. I should know, I’ve tried it. And it just doesn’t feel right.

After my job hunt, i opted to go to the mall on the way home, cause seriously, kailangan ko magpalamig. The mall is 3o minutes away from where I am, i had a choice of either riding a jeepney or an fx. Cheap bastard that i am, riding a cab was out of the question. I know i can’t bear the heat anymore, and riding a jeepney will only prolong my agony, so i opted to wait for an fx. « Read the rest of this entry »



March 24, 2008 § 4 Comments

I want one. I really do. Bigla na lang pumasok sa isip ko e. I want to own a fully restored or pimped out Beetle. Asteeg!


I daydream a lot. A lot. And kanina, ito ang napagtripan ko. Wouldn’t it be cool to own something like this? I know, alam kong pagkakaguluhan sya ng mga bata kakapendong peace, pero kahit na, parang mapormang maporma ka pag nakasakay ka sa ganito.

I know nothing about beetles, I just know that they were made by the Nazis during WWII. also, i know that the cartoon version of the Transformer Bumblebee is a beetle. So I researched about it. I heard there was a VW club here in the Philippines ( from the movie Because of You, during Heart and Geoff’s story. Yes i watch Tagalog love stories, what about it?) so i opted to look for them in the net to feed my yearning about my new obsession. Wow, mas lalo ako naenganyo! i never knew there we’re so many different models, and even more ways to pimp it out! Cooool!

Vintage is the way to go. Ok, so syempre gusto ko paring mag ka GSR, Eclipse at Mazda3, pero feeling ko matagal pa bago mangyari yun e. Dito muna ko kay Herbie… seems cheaper… i think.

1956beetle_karmann_convertible_by_volksmania-copy.jpgImagine, a top down bug, with white or khaki leather interiors (synthetic para mura) chrome plated furnishings (or stainless steel, whatever), White walled tires, and chrome plated tire caps. kinda like the one in the picture. Only i want it in dark blue. and maybe i can do something about the folded roof. that would be awesome.

I really hope i could make this day dream into reality, just imagine driving along Timog or Ortigas riding in this baby.. BONER!

Yey! Now wasn’t that a time waster! Yey!


March 24, 2008 § 7 Comments

Jessica has been nagging me forever for an out of town trip. I was never really enthusiastic about it, as it spells out a ton of complications just waiting to happen. But as everything in this world is riddled with complications, what the hell, i gave in anyway. And the outcome: Baguio!

I have to applaud my girl for this, as she planned everything about this trip. From the transportation to the lodging. Clap. Clap. Clap!

We only stayed overnight, but it felt longer than that. I can’t explain it, but i think time slows down in Baguio. This trip was made of pure win. Pictures after the cut! « Read the rest of this entry »


March 23, 2008 Comments Off on EPIC FAIL


Is it still considered “Holy” week if all you did was shout profanities to someone you despise, although said person is not really gonna hear your rant because they live miles away, but nonetheless you still shout profanities as if talking to someone beside you, making you look like you have Tourette syndrome or something?

Is it still “Holy” if all you kept thinking about was which of your friends would sponsor the next set booze or what bar would offer better liquor value for a hundred bucks, because you can’t do anything right now but to drink your ass off?

Is it still “Holy” if you have this undying desire to just smack a person unconscious, repeatedly strike his/her face until all his/her teeth fall out or until his/her face is on the other of his/her head, whichever comes first, or to just day dream about miserable “accidents” that could happen to the said person?

No? Then my friends, I. Am. Going. To. Hell. « Read the rest of this entry »


March 20, 2008 § 16 Comments

I’ve been with WordPress for half a year already, and one feature that i really like was how my blog stats are presented to me without any fuzz. It’s fun, and it’s easy. And it’s funny too, to know what most of my visitors are looking for for them to end up at my blog. I laughed my ass off when i saw this one search engine term, “BLACK BALL IN ASSHOLE.” That’s some freaky shit right there.

I noticed that people stumbles upon my site in search of nekkid pictures of Toni Gonzaga, and Christine Reyes. Yeah i remember writing articles about how they were posing for UNO and FHM way back. What a horny, you people.

But, because I’m the internet’s bitch, and i smile every time i see my hits tab increasing, i deemed it a moral obligation and came into a conclusion that I WILL cater to these call by the masses. I now declare that I will post similar articles on this blog in the future!

Yes I’m a sell out. Also I’m a man, and these things interest me too, and I’d be better off writing about these things than reviewing a book or game or sumfink. Hillbilly i am, yes, thank you.

So for starters, let me present to you, something that caught my attention of the late. i saw FHM’s latest issue, another one featuring two cover girls, (c’mon FHM, this stint is becoming really old, really fast. why don’t you just feature one girl per month, that way you can give them much more attention within your pages.) Hazel Ann Mendoza and…. wait for it…. NINA JOSE! Yes guys, Nina Jose, that hot biatch inside Kuya’s house. I used to watch PBB Teen Editon because of her ( yeah, yeah, I was looking at Kim Chiu too, but that’s because she’s chinita and I’m a sucker for chinitas.) Can’t remeber who Nina Jose is? she was the girl who…. rather she was the one with…. I mean that chick that…. ah hell picture time! « Read the rest of this entry »


March 12, 2008 § Leave a comment

As usual, I was in charge of making our production’s publicity tools. Tarps, posters, invites, the works. Anyway, I think the production pulled through, and i hope i will be passing this subject once and for all. Congratulations to my classmates, i think we will be seeing more of each other as i won’t be graduating soon and I’m still drowning in back subjects. So, see you around guys.

one night only

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March 9, 2008 § 2 Comments

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! Yes another God forsaken year of my life have passed! Great! Any achievements you’d like to share Mr. Armani? Hahaha! Are you kidding me?! Like what I’ve said, failing is my only passion in life. Yes dad, still no graduation. No mom, I’m still not moving out. Ahh yes. Such sweet realizations on the day of my 23rd.

But anyway I’m not here to sulk, as my greatest achievement in life has a little surprise in store for my birthday! Yes, her sugar-momma instincts got tingled and little old me was the culprit.Hooray!

the biggest loser with his greatest achievement!

So any way, like i was saying, Jessica asked me out (yes guys ako ang niyayang makipagdate) on my birthday, She kept hinting that she has a surprise in store, and knowing her, she likes her surprises (even tough sometimes, obvious na.) So i played along.

We met up at Trinoma, because dun na ata kami nakatira. And she led me to the top floor to Friday’s. I was anxiuos as to what the surprise might be as the last one really got me good. « Read the rest of this entry »

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