February 15, 2008 § 3 Comments

Hey, look, its February already! Hey, look I’m stating the obvious cause i can’t think of anything to say. Yeah, even real writers gets writer’s block sometimes, ako pa kaya.

So what’s with February? Balemtayms, yes? That much awaited day for lovers! Eeerk!

Valentine’s day, for me, usually translates to laughing-my-ass-off-day. Cause really, all the cheesy-ness these people do, is really ri-goddamn-diculous. For me atleast.

February also marks my 2nd anniversary in the blogging community. Yes, it was a cold, cold February night when i first thought of pouring all my kill-me-now emotions on a cyber paper. Hahaha. I laugh at myself when i think back at my most controversial blog entry. Controversial, because my girlfriend have read the same article, way back when we were still “just friends,” and up until lately, she has been interrogating me tirelessly on who was that article for. Secret!!

I have long deleted that entry. As i am ashamed how emo i could be. Honsetly. Emong-Emo! “Princess on a pedestal?”, “My Unicorn?” WTF!

I think I’ve still got a copy of that article some where in my e-mail inbox. I’m thinking of reposting it just so i could make you people laugh. will ponder on this in the near future.

Happy Valentines everyone!


§ 3 Responses to FEBRUARY

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