January 24, 2008 § 2 Comments

There is much to be said about great art, too bad, i won’t say it here.

Instead, I’ll tell you what went on when we visited Nemo’s exhibit, “Viva Mansterville” at Big Skymind. Asteeg nun bro.

Jessica and I met up with Criz, Xan Nick and Ate Cherrie, my old advo buddies, somewhere in E. Rodriguez, before going to the exhibit . There we met with Gio, Danny and Alex , some more old advocate buddies. We had a marvelous time looking at the paintings and we really had fun talking like we know something about art… good thing there was beer!




I’m really not in the mood to write anything right now… so instead, I’ll just post some pictures from last night! Weeee!


Nemo showing off his paintings. Pabili nga ng isa.

kami kami

people you call when you want to ruin your night.


tam arts old and new talking about.. nothing really.


bugs, xan and jessie posing near the toilet!


yes there is beer!


the girlfriend and the nemo!


here some of Nemo’s artworks, i really don’t know their titles so I’ll just be describing them from what they look like.


a guy with one eye and four legs with a neck tie and a boat. nuff’ said!


a smoking panda


one of my favorites, a two eyed octopus


says here he’s horny…

a black pussy.


a freaky boy with his how-did-you-hook-up-with-a-girl-like-that-e-ampanget-panget-mo girlfriend!

And that’s just about it. If anyone of you wants to buy any of the seen artworks… then buy it! hehehe… seriously leave me a message if you want to.

Pictures courtesy of Jessica and Alex…. (I forgot to bring Patotoy…sheesh…)


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