January 16, 2008 § Leave a comment

It’s been like, what, three weeks already since we got back from our vacation, and I’m still not in the groove. Actually, I’ve been out of the groove since way waay waaay back. Can’t really seem to pull off this schoolboy lifestyle. Hanggang uniform at id lang talga ko. What a poser, this Bugsy guy is.

(anu ba yung groove na yun?)


So hooray, i have a new gizmo, but man, it doesn’t come cheap. Plus there’s this long list of school fees waiting (and wanting) to be paid. Man, talk about being broke. I’m really bothered on how things would turn out money-wise. God help me out here, please let it rain cash in my back yard. Or please let me find a bag full of 100 dollar bills. Give me a genie. Let me discover oil. Make me a call center agent. Give me job, talk to my parents! Let me quit school!! Gaaarrgh.


I’m really trying my hardest to help out in our thesis, and I’m really at a loss why does it seem like that I’m not doing anything at all. Honestly, i want to do more, to give more input. Pero ba’t ganun? This academic requirement really needs a lot more of my attention. Seems like all my efforts are still not up to par to my partner’s (this is her thesis anyway, sumabit lang ako). I’m such a stupet.


I wonder what happened to Veronica? The last thing i heard she decided to die. Wonder how that turned out… Wish i could get back on my reading.


I’ve been repeatedly listening to Red Jumpsuit Apparatus’ Disconnected for about two weeks now. Ang asteeg e. Their music really brings out the emo in me. haha. emo ba ang RJA?


sigh. I need a smoke.


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