January 24, 2008 § 2 Comments

There is much to be said about great art, too bad, i won’t say it here.

Instead, I’ll tell you what went on when we visited Nemo’s exhibit, “Viva Mansterville” at Big Skymind. Asteeg nun bro.

Jessica and I met up with Criz, Xan Nick and Ate Cherrie, my old advo buddies, somewhere in E. Rodriguez, before going to the exhibit . There we met with Gio, Danny and Alex , some more old advocate buddies. We had a marvelous time looking at the paintings and we really had fun talking like we know something about art… good thing there was beer!




I’m really not in the mood to write anything right now… so instead, I’ll just post some pictures from last night! Weeee!


Nemo showing off his paintings. Pabili nga ng isa. « Read the rest of this entry »



January 18, 2008 § Leave a comment

Last year… my beloved cellphone was snatched. I cried, night after night thinking about how me and my phone is now far away from each other, separated. I couldn’t bear the fact that i won’t be able to push her buttons again. or how her face will not be the first thing i see when i wake up. or how i would set her to vibrate then use another phone to call my phone as i place my phone near my……………..oooowwwwkay! Bottomline is, it sucks losing your phone. But i got over that sadness when i finally got my new phone. A brand new Motorola L7. everything was happy again, until… it got snatched… again!!

God, is this gonna be a yearly thing? I mean, i hasn’t been over a year since i got my L7. Di ko pa nga masyadong nagagasgasan e. 9 times ko palang nababagsak. Tsaka di pa gaano palyado yung keypad. Tsk sayang.

Damn you! madami talagang masasamang loob sa mundo. Taena nyong lahat!

Sheesh. Well, to my text buds… please erase my number. Will tell when I’ve acquired a new one.


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It’s been like, what, three weeks already since we got back from our vacation, and I’m still not in the groove. Actually, I’ve been out of the groove since way waay waaay back. Can’t really seem to pull off this schoolboy lifestyle. Hanggang uniform at id lang talga ko. What a poser, this Bugsy guy is.

(anu ba yung groove na yun?)


So hooray, i have a new gizmo, but man, it doesn’t come cheap. Plus there’s this long list of school fees waiting (and wanting) to be paid. Man, talk about being broke. I’m really bothered on how things would turn out money-wise. God help me out here, please let it rain cash in my back yard. Or please let me find a bag full of 100 dollar bills. Give me a genie. Let me discover oil. Make me a call center agent. Give me job, talk to my parents! Let me quit school!! Gaaarrgh. « Read the rest of this entry »


January 2, 2008 § Leave a comment

This is my favorite song out of all our compositions. Made it myself, with the help of my band of course. It’s about this guy liking his friend’s girl, thus the title. Sorry the video is bitin.

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