December 21, 2007 § 5 Comments

“Hunniey, iddate po kita sa 18!”

Yan yung sabi ni Jessica sakin, first week of December, I think. I agreed, cause I’m a good boyfriend like that. And the premise of free food has enticed me enough that ala na kong palag sa katawan, she promised that she’ll treat me to California Pizza… whatever… (forgot the name. sorry na.) Plus she hinted me on something that just drove me nuts. “Sigurado, sasambahin mo ko pagkatapos.” she said. Oh my Ghulay!

fast forward.

so di kami natuloy. yep. it happens. We met up on the 20th instead! (badabish!) After dinner ( At tokyo-tokyo! yep. it happens.) I was excited about what she had in store for me. “…sasambahin… pagkatapos… hmmm…” these words have haunted me ever since she uttered it. She asked me to close my eyes and not to peek (wow ang kinky!) And I willingly do so of course, (cause again, I’m a good boyfriend like that.) I waited with my eyes closed, edging my other senses to exert an extra effort to find out what she was doing. “Open your eyes,” I did. Shet, iba na religion ko. Jessicaism. YOU FREAKIN ROCK BABY!!

bugsy with his psp

I finally got my psp. And it’s slim and it’s white. And it feels oh sooo right. Praise be to Jessica. AMEN.


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