November 28, 2007 § 2 Comments

dear santa (daddy),

i don’t know if I’ve been a good boy this year, and i don’t really care, all i know is i have this sudden urge to go techie this christmas. so bear with me, just have a look/a glance/a peek at my short simple list, and maybe think about it over some coffee… starbucks… my treat?

if I’m not mistaken, the last thing you gave me was this christmas lego set. that was cool and all, but i kinda got boring the moment i opened the package. i mean c’mon, i was already in highschool, sana kahit man lang pirated PS1 cds e. but anyway, all that is under the bridge now. here’s my list santa (daddy)!


now here’s a little something called a MACBOOK. its powered by an intel core 2 duo processor and fuckingly lightning fast. you ca also put as much as 250gb in this motherfucker.

now i know it may be little expensive and you can be oh so cheap, that’s why i have prepared some backup wishes… « Read the rest of this entry »



November 17, 2007 § Leave a comment

i cant believe how relaxed my bandmates are. not so long ago someone finally asked us to come up with a demo of our music. but its been like forever and i don’t think none of them are willing to make one except me. nakakalungkot men. it might be a longshot but this might be our biggest break evar!! (coz we’re like, losers. srly.)

naiingit naman ako sa ibang banda. oy jobert pasali naman sa gig nyo!!

another sad thing about going back to school is having a much less time for band practice and such. parang nakakapanis yung feeling. damn.


November 5, 2007 § Leave a comment

3 units down the drain. Again. Its amazing how I’ve become completely oblivious to this sort of things. Nasasanay na ba ko masyado? Failing subjects one after the other, each and every sem, grabe, it has become so common, that I think I’m already building up an imunity to its grave and initial effects. Its really bothering me.

Im already in my sixth year in college (what a loser this bugsy guy is.) and im getting pretty tired of it. I’m wasting too much, time, money and effort, when i know deep down na kaya ko naman talga e. Kailangan lang ng konting tulak. Sabi naman ng mga profs ko, di naman daw talaga ako bobo e. tamad lang talaga. TAMAD!

So I’m starting another sem today and I’ve been thinking a lot. I do belive that I really need to get my shit together. Half assed jobs and cramming induced work really needs to be taken out of the equation (what equation? huh.) I really need to focus. To step up.


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