October 25, 2007 § Leave a comment


So i failed (yet again) to put this post up on the proper date of our anniversary, but, like many (if not all) of my projects and assignments and mostly everything in my life, I always say, t’s better late than never.

Be warned, this entry contains a certain amount of mush-y-ness. BE. FREAKIN. WARNED!

Wow… one year huh? Now that really is something. I commend you, dear, i really do. Grabe, natiis mo ko ng ganung tagal? Really now, THAT is something to brag about.

I never knew what I did right to be blessed with someone like you. I am EVERYTHING that I boyfriend should NEVER be, and yet you still stuck with me. All those incoherent blabberings, hissy fits, pointless arguments, moments of extreme tardiness, guilt trips, jealousy, and all that other crap… lahat yun, minani mo lang, parang kornik lang. You never left my side, you never faltered, you never gave up. And maybe that’s why I love you so much, cause finally , I found my match. In a good… and bad way. (cause you know your hissy fits are worse than mine.)

I’m sorry. You see, I really don’t have any concrete ideas as to what i should be writing about here, walang theme, walang gimmick. All that i really wanted to say is that despite all our troubles and misunderstandings, after all this time, I have grown to love you even more.


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