September 6, 2007 § Leave a comment

Arvin once told me that for me to write about something, first i must have a knowledge of what i am to write about. Not only a surface knowledge of the topic, but instead have a better and deeper understanding of what your topic is about. Nice point.

So, so far, the way I see it, i have already broken that golden rule Arvin just told me, cause at the moment, i don’t know shit when it comes to writing. I’m not really into writing you see and i only dab at it a little, pretty much like experimenting, but I’m liking it… and i really wanna learn some more.

Back in high school, i was never a fan of my english classes. it was always such a pain in the ass when our teachers would ask the class to write essays or formal themes. I hated it. i wasn’t too much of a reader either. Not once did i finish any book that we were asked to read. the most I can do was skim the first few pages then google the rest.

I deeply regret this now. If only i had paid more attention to our lessons than to my classmate’s musings about his porn tapes, then maybe it would have gotten me somewhere.

So now I’m back to square one. Learning how to write properly, going through book after book after book, all that crap, just to get a deeper grasp of things in life. I’m starting to learn how to observe things around me now. Starting to look still deeper upon seeing the obvious. And finally seeing things in a different point of view.

Yes, this post is so emo. And yes, it also doesn’t make any sense… and is also void of any point whatsoever. Fuckers.


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