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This is GANTZ, one of the most fuckingiest anime/manga out there. This series is so fucking crazy that it borderlines genius or stupidity. Taena, ang astig, it’s so gory, it’s so explicit, it’s so perverted, it’s so weird, It’s so dark and edgy and heavy, but you can’t help but read some more! Alangya, di ko lam kung panung review gagawin ko dito e. This was penned by Mr. Hiroya Oku.

Ok Here’s the set up, Kei Kurono, and his friend Masaru Kato dies as they were runned over by an express subway train after rescuing a drunkard who has fallen onto the tracks… cause his drunk… and he drinks… a lot… well you get the point… so anyway, yes they freakin died, Kei’s head was even flew off from his body! But the next thing the duo knows is that they are alive and transported and stuck inside a room with other people, who apparently was supposed to be dead too. Freaky. In the Middle of this room is a black ball called Gantz. which tells them that he now holds they’re lives, and he sends these, supposedly dead people, to hunt out aliens, secretly living Japan! Of course he doesn’t send them off on their own, he gives them high tech weapons and power suits to level the playing field against aliens. There’s also this scoring system, players needs to reach 100 points for them to be finished with Gantz’ games and truly start they’re new lease on life. What really nice guy that ball is…. asshole.

Thing about this series though, is that it keeps on killing off its main characters. Yes, someone would usually die in every mission, and that sucks. Sayang, kasi binibuild pa man din nila yung character then papatayin lang din pala nila. But on the plus side though is, cool yung art style, 2d characters on 3rd rendered backgrounds. And the girls on this series, oh my god, hentai! Haha. There is nudity in it too you know. so kung isasama mo yung blood and gore, hindi talaga sya pambata. baka matrauma yun pag nagbasa nya to.

Up until now, little is known about the room and Gantz itself and the characters only go along with what he wants as for the hopes of one day he or she could be set free.

Sa totoo lang di ko napapanuod yung anime neto e. I’ve read somewhere that the anime tore away from the original story and ended much much sooner than the manga would have intended. 26 episodes lang, yet in the manga nasa chapter 230+ na… 21volumes and is still on going. Kung gusto nyo mabasa rin yung manga punta kayo sa If it’s the anime that you’re willing to watch hanapin nyo yung link sa onemanga. Try both if you have time. Ako kinontrata ko na yung barkada ko to download all the anime episodes. Hehe. enjoy!


§ 7 Responses to GANTZ THE BLACK BALL

  • zweistein says:

    In my opinion, GantZ is better as a manga series rather than as an anime.
    Firstly in some points the voices of the actors are not so great and doesn’t give the impration of kick-ass characters.
    Secondly the anime stops just in the begining of the main plot. the anime team did hurry a lot to finish it so they made up an ending on their own. as a result, they made an ending that makes no scence, they fucked up the plot, and they et down the viewers.
    Thirdly, the manga has much greater graphic matterial than the anime. most of the characters in the manga are drawn based on 3D models for perfect anatomy and movement depictions. in addition the plot goes wth far far far more action, more characters, a shitload of unexpected events. 100 pointers? vampires? other “people”? (i cant say more spoilers) seriously wtf? the anime stands so little in front of the manga.

    the only think i can wish for, is that an anime team takes up the project again and make new episodes without fucking up the plot.

    the manga is still on going and its gone at chapter 273. 1 chpater every 3 weeks.

  • JamesUnitedKingdom says:

    In my opinion, the animators for GantZ lost the plot, they screwed up 1/4 of the first season(current 2nd season – 27/08/08), cutting the anime short, GantZ would of been a bigger success then animes such as Bleach, Naturo or Dbz, with its on-look to culture, violence, human characteristic, and the main character outlines what the viewers thoughts are, though sometimes abit shameful or selfish to the natural human emotion. the anime was only the tip of the ice-berg when it ended, leaving confusion and disappointment to viewers for the amantuer animators on lack of work and performance. The Plot of GantZ was top quality, epic, inspirational, yet the animators still manage to somehow screw up every part of the anime which would of gave this generation a Night to Remember.

    I feel sorry for the creator of GantZ to have beginner animators start and terminate GantZ Anime at such an early stage.
    Epic Storyline, Great Material has all been put to waste by the failure of the production team.

  • Shade says:

    your totally right the animators fuck it up and now episode 26 has me pissed.

  • TreyUS says:

    Yeah, I was disappointed in the GantZ anime. If they had of stuck with the plot and continued the anime it would probably be a legend before it reaches the end of its run.

  • Camaris says:

    you guys should read the Manga go to for alot of Manga 🙂

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