August 5, 2007 § Leave a comment

I was lazily channel surfing on my boob tube yesterday cause it was such a boring day. I can’t believe that it was already the weekend. Usually by this time, I would have been with my friends driving along the fair city of Malolos or looking for something fun to do. But alas, no one seemed to have any initiative to start off our weekend rituals.

Amidst the monotonous repetition of the remote clicking and the TV’s static gibberish, I heard my mobile beep. At first, I thought it was Jessica, wondering why I wasn’t texting her (my load was diminished dear.) But I soon found out that it wasn’t. It was Jodie, our dear old friend. The message read, “hi pare, Jodie here! Nanganak na ko! A bouncing baby boy! Normal delivery, putangina ang sakit!” I was like, “What the fuck?!”

You see, were eagerly waiting for the birth of our soon to be inaanak. We even told Jodie to tell us if she’s already going into labor so that we could go with her to the hospital. But damn that girl, we missed everything!

After the initial shock faded and turned to excitement, I called up Ian and Gerald, to tell them the good news, of course I already knew that they knew, but what the heck, it’s worth saying.

Would you imagine that? Our barkada’s first kid. I still haven’t seen the little critter yet, but we will, soon enough. We were suppose to drop by yesterday, but the others were caught up with their practices that we thought it best to just let Jodie have her rest for now. Sa ibang araw nalang namin sya guguluhin!



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