August 1, 2007 § Leave a comment

Jessica just gave me a copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows! See? Thats how awesome my girlfriend is! She is pure utter awesomeness! Plus she’s hot too! I mean, come one, how lucky could a guy like me be, right?


I woke up at 6am early this morning, yes, too early for my taste to tell you frankly, but I promised Jessica that I’ll be taking her out after her shift. So off i went from Malolos to Manila, still half asleep, drooling on my seat mate’s shoulder and just barely missing my stop.

I got off along Quezon Ave. so i could catch the train off to Shaw Blvd., and i got to tell you this, early morning train rides is JUST PLAIN WRONG. Jesus Christ! We were like a bunch of people from the ghetto, and by ghetto i mean squatters, going gaga over free government food. i couldn’t feel any of my limbs as i was squashed between an overly obese man and the train door. I could also smell the mixture the foul stenches of sweat and smoke and bad deodorants building up inside the car. Man, it was not good. Not good at all. Not to mention there was this old guy who kept winking at me.

Jessica and I went to Trinoma for the first time. It was a nice place, with the mezzanine, and the fountain and the automatic doors, although there were still a few vacant stalls inside, it’s really coming along just fine.

Being a dear boyfriend that i am, i haplessly walked along my girl while she went from store to store, trying ever so hard to bury that impulsive buyer persona deep within her subconscious. And it worked too, all she bought was an ID holder, a pen, and a book that was worth more than a thousand bucks. I was so proud. After that she had a haircut and I slept/waited patiently for her to be done. I have to say, she looked different from before. And in a good way too.

On the way home, Jessica noted that today was the anniversary of our first date. Ow joy!


I noticed that i was getting even more chunkier everyday. I am getting worried about the situation, so i opted to do something about it. I gonna try sports again. Tennis to be exact. I was player back in the days, and hope i still have it in me, what with all the smoking and drinking and cholesterol, it’s bound to take effect one day.


The ADVO EXAM started this Monday, so far we had a couple of students trying it out. The exam will run up to Saturday this week. The Arts examinees looks promising, hope this exam produces a good batch of student journalists. By the way our first issue is already out. Although the issue consisted of merely 8 pages, ( we opted for quality more than quantity,) it still turned out rather good. I just hope that the next issue will mark the return of the much awaited Tambidas series.


And finally, another batch of t-shirt designs. one for The Man-blog, the most amazingiest site in the intarnets right now, and one for my bros and sis at CLSU JODERA.

A big thanks to those fuckers at the man blog for making me what i am today. that’s Mike Villar by the way, the site’s editor and poster boy.

Hope the brods and the sissies over there likes it. too bad I forgot to place my name.


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