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I just finished refurbishing my bands site. It even has a forum board now. imagine that. if you want to take a peek or whatever, just click here.It’s not really that much. the articles are like ages ago, plus they’re written like crap. i just thought that it would be a such waste to just abandon it since that site had some fair share of regular readers back then.


The Advocate will be having it’s annual ADVO EXAM starting this week. yeah. i can feel it now, there’s nothing like new blood to boss around. hope i get to find some new good artists after this. to anyone interested you could register here. While your there, why not visit feuadvocate.com’s TAMBAYAN boards or the SPORTS Primer. And oh, our first issue for this year is coming out.


I’m still waiting for anyone who has their 7th Harry Potter book to be available for borrowing. So far I’m like the 6th or 5th in line of everyone i know who has bought the book. i would’ve like to buy it too, but 1,500 bucks is just too much. Though it kinda sucks cause spoilers are flying around left and right. Oh and while were talking about HP the last movie was, for me, good. I kinda channeled the book out my system before i watched it. Luna Lovegood was impeccable.


My girl just bought me this new book by Bob Ong, MacArthur. Been a fan of him ever since my friend introduced to ABNKKBSNPLAko. Well all in all, it’s good read, i mean it’s only 98 pages long, so it’s kinda bitin. i finished it in one sitting. it felt liked i was reading a long short story. It made me want to study after reading it though.


We’re going to watch The Simpson’s Movie this Tuesday. I’m really freaking excited. My brother had already seen it and said the it was the fuckingiest movie ever. Man, I’ve been a fan of The Simpsons ever since i was in grade school. i can’t wait to see this flick.


I’m still in deep shit with my thesis, i fucking don’t know what to do. I’m such a lame ass. On alighter note, my ethics teacher awarded me a 98 for our prelim exam. kudos to me.

QUESTION: How much does a reasonable laptop cost these days?



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Hmmm… Matagal tagal na rin simula nung huli tayong nagkakita kita ah? Musta naman kayo? Nakakamiss na kayo ah.. Bat ganun andali nyo namang makalimot?

Well anyway, alam naming sabik na sabik na kayong marinig ang aming mga bagong kwento, tsk. hirap talaga ng sikat. Pero di bale di ko kayo bibiguin.

Nung last…. April ata yun, ay naimbitahan ang aming banda sa isang gig sa manila, wow naman, lupet anu? Putangina, isang buwan halos kami nagkulong sa studio para lang gumanda ang tugtog namin, pero putsa olats pa din e. hehehe. naglabas kami ng isang original song nung gabing yun na pinamagatang, “Heart Infection.” PUTANGINA! ANG TARAY! si Jerry po ang rumacha sa kantang ito at pinalakpakan po sya nga maraming tao kasi po sya po ay bot-lam at kamukha nya po si Aga Mulach. Salamat po sa mga nagimbita!

Another Friday Morning sang at Acess Point

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I’m still as lazy as ever, and i still don’t have any new articles to post. instead I’ll post some of my recent crappy artworks. Yey! If you want to see all of my works, just drop by here! cool, aye?

This one is for my brods and sissies, along Mendiola. Looks like something that Bayani Fernando would use, aye?

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transformersposter9.jpg SO yeah, i know almost everyone has blogged about this, but what can i do? I just have to blog about it too! Cause its just SO ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY AWESOME! I even forgot that i was with my girlfriend! I kept on murmuring fanboy factoids all through out the film. Man, whatta nerdzzzzzz…

Who would.ve thought that robots could make me cry, cause for the love oy God, it did! I Felt ashamed right after doing so, but when i looked around the movie house, wtf, it wasn’t just me! Men were crying side by side… Michael Bay you asshole, why did you have to do it? Why you prick? WHY? My girlfriend didn’t know what the fuck to do with me. I was like your yaya, on her day off, watching a Judy Ann Santos movie! Good times, good times.

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