June 28, 2007 § Leave a comment

We are now currently in our third week of school. And guess what, i doesn’t suck that much. Yeah, once you get used to it again, it’s just like riding a bike, or a scooter, or a skateboard or whatever floats your boat, after a long time, once you get settled in, instincts will just kick in.

Okay, So there’s the occasional hang-ups, like security guards that were genetically engineered to be more stupid than the average stupid person, sucky ass uniforms, that would either make or break your self-esteem (mostly it’s break), boys who looks like attractive girls up until the moment that you’re half way through sexy time, and of course there’s the tuition fees, org fees, misc fees, and every other effin’ fees there is that we need to pay. But aside from that, everything else is just fine i guess.

I really thought that i would be hating this sem, i mean i know that I’ve hated every other sem before this, but i thought that i would be investing a lot more hate on this one especially.. You see. I’m quite old, i only look young cause i think that God created me to define the word cute, and handsome, and pogi and awesome and etc., but anyway, the point is that almost everyone i know has finished their studies already, and I’m a little down cause i think that life is leaving me behind. Emo? Yes it is. Fuck off. No, I’m not dumb or anything, I’m just lazy, and i make wrong decisions quite often. So by that standards, yeah, i guess I’m a total douchebag, but at least I’m a good looking douchebag.


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