June 16, 2007 § Leave a comment

Five days ago, I dragged my lazy ass out of bed earlier than usual, took a bath, which i don’t do much often, cause you know, i’m american like that, brushed my teeth, shaved my poooor excuse for a beard, combed my hair, which was cut by the way, and put on my newly bought polo. No its not my birthday, its the first day of school.

fuck. fuck. fuckfuckityfuckfuck!

I hate going to school. i know i need it. but still. i hate it.

It’s my thesis year by the way, so my hate just tripled.

But i promised a very special someone that i’d do good this year, i think i was probably drunk when said that too, cause apparently i even promised her uno’s. but nonetheless i aim to keep my promise.

Guess what, I think i need new pants too, I’m like ten times more porkier this year. my old pair’s gonna burst.


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