March 29, 2007 § Leave a comment

WAAAAAHHHH! FINALLY! AFTER 22 DAYS, I’M BACK! Hmmm… i missed blogging, even though i know that no one really cares. hehehe. i mean, there must be tens of thousand bloggers out there, and that’s just within our country. And i know that their blog makes more sense than mine, i should know, i visited them… hehehe. but what the hell, im doing it anyways, its fun!

So how do i start this? God its been so long… well to start things off, let me just announce that i just celebrated my 22nd birthday… “happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me..” Yep, i’m freakin 22 yrs old! doesn’t look like it huh? yeah well, sabi nga nila babyface daw ako.. nyuck! nyuck! nyuck! my girlfriend got me this small, cute cake… well it wasn’t really small… it was… um… i’m gonna go with the term, TINY… haha…. but it was very much appreciated, it was very sweet and thoughtful… plus she even invited my best friends to come! which is cool, cause she only just met them, sad thing was, isa lang yung dumating… Damn you, my so called friends!! hahahaha! just kiddin, i’m still waiting for your gifts though!

Told yah it was tiny! That’s Jessica and Glaissa!

My band also participated in a Battle of the Bands concert in a local bar here in Malolos… Baka hindi nyo naitatanong, vocalist ata ako ng aming mumunting rock band… ala kasi akong instrumentong alam tugtugin e… dun ako nilagay sa mic… well, back to the stroy… Taenang yan! excited pa naman kami kasi ngayon na lang uli kami tutugtog after a long time, tas puta bigla kong nabalitaan na RnB bar pala yun! Holy Shit! Bottomline is… we lost, we tried to adjust to the bars theme as much as we could, we tried to put a more pop beat to our songs, but it was all in vain, we can’t shake the rock out of our veins! Damn you RnB!! ( notice that i’m using more tagalog words now, nakakamiss kasi yung mga “taena,” “puta,” at iba -iba pang mura na ginagamit ko nung mga una kong post e! plus mas masarap mag rant pag tagalog! )

My band aptly named MakatipasaKuneho! Why? Cause we are!

I also had my theatrical debut… Kahit na extra lang. hahahaha! It was entitlied, Oedipus Rex, well actually it was my class’ final play production, originally, I was placed as a publicity manager, cause I make such awesome posters! Pero dahil kulang sa actors and walang makitang mas matinong kaklase kesa sakin, Nilagay ako nung director namin sa stage! Gosh! So kabado! But i went well… Jusko naman! 5 minuto lang naman yung scene ko! Damn you my oh-just-obey-my-every-word-cause-im-so-brillant professor!! You think your all that, but your not!! We we’re rumored to got a sinco for our finals.. Di ko lam kung totoo, i haven’t got my grades yet.

Looks great huh? Ala ako dyan cause I was also the photographer! Inspired by Frank Miller’s 300! Check out the bloody text! ( No im not from England. ) Check out the other posters at my multiply site!

Our summer vacation just started, and frankly i’m not too happy about it… As always, i forgot to save up for the summer holidays, ni pang chocnut ala ako e. Plus im reluctanly declining offers to go swimming, cause goddemet, I’m turning into a blasted blimp! i don’t know why i’m gaining so much weight, sabi naman nila normal lang daw yun cause i recently undergone blood transfusion last january… But this is getting re-goddamn-diculous! so in that note, I have decided to concentrate on losing weight this summer! Humanda na kayo! And, if papalarin, im planning to get a job, I was thinking of taking a break from school for a while, cause let’s face it, di na ko bata, I need to earn on my own! Damn you society!!!!

Well that’s probably the end of it, i think i got a lot more to say but that’s for another post. So if anyone, is really reading this stuff, thank you for and visit me again!


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