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I love my girl so much and at this point, she’s the only thing that’s keeping me going! Para syang Energizer! Hahaha… matagal nagtatampo yan e, buti pa daw si angelica panganiban me pwesto sa blog ko, xa daw wala, hahaha… but im not doing this para di ka na magalit, i just want to do it, period! i know this is not a personal blog, I mean, based from my posts, i normally talk about things that mostly not related to me. But i’m makin an exemption, i just want the world ( that is if someone else read this besides me and mt girl ) HOW GREAT SHE IS! YEAH I KNOW.. BADUY. LOVE YOU NIEY.



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WAAAAAHHHH! FINALLY! AFTER 22 DAYS, I’M BACK! Hmmm… i missed blogging, even though i know that no one really cares. hehehe. i mean, there must be tens of thousand bloggers out there, and that’s just within our country. And i know that their blog makes more sense than mine, i should know, i visited them… hehehe. but what the hell, im doing it anyways, its fun!

So how do i start this? God its been so long… well to start things off, let me just announce that i just celebrated my 22nd birthday… “happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me..” Yep, i’m freakin 22 yrs old! doesn’t look like it huh? yeah well, sabi nga nila babyface daw ako.. nyuck! nyuck! nyuck! my girlfriend got me this small, cute cake… well it wasn’t really small… it was… um… i’m gonna go with the term, TINY… haha…. but it was very much appreciated, it was very sweet and thoughtful… plus she even invited my best friends to come! which is cool, cause she only just met them, sad thing was, isa lang yung dumating… Damn you, my so called friends!! hahahaha! just kiddin, i’m still waiting for your gifts though!

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(SIGH) I haven’t been writing any articles lately, nakakahiya naman dun sa mga mambabasa ko (oo kayong dalawa nga ang tinutukoy ko!). promise, babawi ako next time, marami akong sasabihin!

for the mean time, ito muna. I’m a member of our school publication, so bale me dugo akong activist, stereotyped na daw kasi yun. hehehe! biro lang. actually, nung naglalakad ako sa grouds ng school ko kanina, nakita kong nagtitipon-tipon yung isang grupo ng mga aktibista, kaya ayun, nainspire ako gawin to, pero syempre, iniba ko yung anggulo, from a journalist’s point of view naman.

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