February 17, 2007 § Leave a comment

Nung simula, sa totoo lang, kaya namin binuo ang bandang ito kasi sabi nila, mas marami daw kaming makikilang chicks. That was our primary objective back then.

    Luckily, almost all of us knows how to play an instrument, well except for bugsy, he can sing though, so ginawa namin siyang vocalist. jerry, ian and seth had respectable amount of skills in manning the guitars and well, gerald, he was a fledging drummer, a newbie at that point.

    We started out jamming at gerald’s rooftop (deck), with a second hand drum set, acoustic guitars, and a mop handle for a microphone. we covered songs by e-heads, parokya ni edgar, the teeth, 6cyclemind and so on, basically bands that already made their mark in the industry, hoping they could share some of their spotlight with us.

    Like most bands, we had a very rough start. nung umpisa we thought we were good enough, good enough na akala namin we need to share our talents with others na. we were dead wrong. we started to expand our audience, from merely just ourselves, we targeted the local malolos music scene, grabe, that was such an eye opener. we were no where near “good!” at malolos palang yan ha. auditions after auditions, we failed, we failed miserably. pumipiyok, napuputolan ng strings, mali-mali ang tiyempo, hindi sabay -sabay, nakaklimot ng chords at lyrics, lahat yan naranasan namin. we had to re-evaluate ourselves. this is no longer a sad excuse to pick-up girls. we were really into it. we loved playing music. we loved entertaining the crowd (or what’s left of it) we learned to love the trade. reality check.

    Each of us left the band at some point in time to broaden his skills, joining or forming better bands thinking it was best to cut off liabilties than trying to bear the humiliation. at one time, kuneho was only composed of one member. but as faith would have it, we got together again. magkakaibigan muna kami bago kami naging banda. and we thought that, that was major factor in our reunion.

    At some point in our measly career, we met people, who, like us had dreams to showcase their talents on stage, other bands, other musicians, kalaban sa music scene, kaibigan sa long table. friends who inspired, taught and urged us to stay and keep the music flowing in our veins. friends who kept pushing, mga nagbibigay ng lakas ng loob. and by god, effective sila.

    Presently, we’re making our own songs, we grew tired of playing other people’s music, and we have decided to play our own. and hopefully we get to share them with others, making our own mark in the industry, so that we too can share some of our spotlight to our , otherwise, unknowing predecessors.

   Keep the music alive! rock on!


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