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The actual flick isn’t really released yet, i think it’s still in production, but i bet it’s gonna be a blast, from the looks of it, based on this video, its visually BREATHTAKING, halo-halong CG characters , live actors, 3D environments and more!

I’m a frustrated director and seeing this raised my frustrations even more, I’ve only dreamed of making videos such as these! Damn, i really envy him, and at the same time, i really admire his work. By the way the director’s name is Mr. Avid Liongoren. He directed both the film and music vid, for more info on him and his works check out his site, and by the way, he used to draw for pulp magazine din nga pala, and pare, naku, anlulupet ng mga gawa neto! idol! idol! idol! lalo ako nangliit! hehehe! check out more of his works by typing his name on youtube’s search engine, he’s also one of my contacts! idol!

see yah!


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Kay tanggal kitang hinitay!

Katatapos ko lang panuorin ang unang episode ng Naruto: Shippuuden sa YouTube, at pare, ito lang ang masasabi ko, HUUUWWWAAAWWWW!! matagal tagal din kasing nagtiis ang mga naruto fans na kagay ko sa mga walang kakwentang kwentang filler episode ng naruto e, kaya medyo hyper ako nung nalamang kong nilabas ang first episode ng second chapter.

Okay sige, sorry, as a naruto fan, alam kong dapat ko din i-appriciate yung filler episodes, kaso ang poblema, right after i watched naruto and sasuke’s final fight at the edge of the village of konoha, tinuloy ko yung pagsubaybay nung series sa pamamagitan ng pagbabasa ng manga. hahaha. nawalan tuloy ako ng gana sa anime fillers, kasi alm kong ala naman tong kinalaman sa totoong story ng Naruto. so basically alam ko na din kung anu ang mangyayari sa mga susunod na episodes. pero ibang klase pa din pag pinapanuod mo eh!

O, for all those Naruto fans out there kung gusto din niyong mabasa ang manga ng naruto, punta lang kayo sa: ONEMANGA for the online manga, or pwede rin sa NARUTO CENTRAL kung saan pwede nyo itong idownload, meron din anime episodes dito kung yun naman ang trip nyo. yung first episode asa youtube na so pwede nyo nang panuorin dun!

Ay sus, di na ko makpaghintay sa susunod na episode! RASENGAN!

See yah!


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Linggo ngayon, me practice dapat kami ngayon e. kaso di ko alm kung bakit alang nangyari. ilang stick tuloy ang yosi ang naubos namin kakaintay ng mangyayari.

Ay bertday nga pala ni Danica ngayon (actually kanina pa, 4am na pla, di pa din ko tulog). kapatid sya ni ian, madalas nya kaming binibigyan ng discount pag sakanya kami bumibili ng yosi, tatlo-limampiso. sulit. ayun me handaan sa kanila kanina, dun na lang kami tumambay kina ian. Happy bertdey danik!

Nakapagpasa na nga pala kami ng registration sa Recovery Room, isang bar dito sa Malolos, nagpa-battle* kasi sila e, at 20 bands lang ang kukunin, buti nakaabot kami. isa ito sa mga dahilan kung bakit namin tinutulak ang sarili namin para gumaling pa, kasi hindi biro ang prize money at benefits na mapapanalunan e. 20,000 PESOS daw sa makakakuha ng first place, plus, eto di ko lam kung sure to, an opportunity to be a star records’ talent… anak ng teteng! di nga?! wheiw! so may kailangan pa kaming talunin na 19 na banda para makamit yung premyo na yon, pero kinakabahan talaga ako e, panu kung mabibigat na banda ng bulacan ang sumabak dun?! wah bahala na! kailangan pang magpractice!!


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Nung simula, sa totoo lang, kaya namin binuo ang bandang ito kasi sabi nila, mas marami daw kaming makikilang chicks. That was our primary objective back then.

    Luckily, almost all of us knows how to play an instrument, well except for bugsy, he can sing though, so ginawa namin siyang vocalist. jerry, ian and seth had respectable amount of skills in manning the guitars and well, gerald, he was a fledging drummer, a newbie at that point.

    We started out jamming at gerald’s rooftop (deck), with a second hand drum set, acoustic guitars, and a mop handle for a microphone. we covered songs by e-heads, parokya ni edgar, the teeth, 6cyclemind and so on, basically bands that already made their mark in the industry, hoping they could share some of their spotlight with us.

    Like most bands, we had a very rough start. nung umpisa we thought we were good enough, good enough na akala namin we need to share our talents with others na. we were dead wrong. we started to expand our audience, from merely just ourselves, we targeted the local malolos music scene, grabe, that was such an eye opener. we were no where near “good!” at malolos palang yan ha. auditions after auditions, we failed, we failed miserably. pumipiyok, napuputolan ng strings, mali-mali ang tiyempo, hindi sabay -sabay, nakaklimot ng chords at lyrics, lahat yan naranasan namin. we had to re-evaluate ourselves. this is no longer a sad excuse to pick-up girls. we were really into it. we loved playing music. we loved entertaining the crowd (or what’s left of it) we learned to love the trade. reality check.

    Each of us left the band at some point in time to broaden his skills, joining or forming better bands thinking it was best to cut off liabilties than trying to bear the humiliation. at one time, kuneho was only composed of one member. but as faith would have it, we got together again. magkakaibigan muna kami bago kami naging banda. and we thought that, that was major factor in our reunion.

    At some point in our measly career, we met people, who, like us had dreams to showcase their talents on stage, other bands, other musicians, kalaban sa music scene, kaibigan sa long table. friends who inspired, taught and urged us to stay and keep the music flowing in our veins. friends who kept pushing, mga nagbibigay ng lakas ng loob. and by god, effective sila.

    Presently, we’re making our own songs, we grew tired of playing other people’s music, and we have decided to play our own. and hopefully we get to share them with others, making our own mark in the industry, so that we too can share some of our spotlight to our , otherwise, unknowing predecessors.

   Keep the music alive! rock on!


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Got nothing better to do so i posted some of my artworks.

( this editorial cartoon is about our UAAP varsity roster for season 69, trying to fill the shoes of the legendary Arwind Santos nung pagkaalis nya. apparently di nila kinaya. )

Nagtratrabaho kasi ako sa university paper namin e, so mostly strips and editorial cartoons, minsan gumagawa din ako ng mga posters kasi kailangan sa course ko, mass communication. madalang na ko gumuhit ngayon, tumatanda na kasi e, tumatanda ng paurong. hahaha. pero kung sinisipag naman ako, drawing lang ako ng drawing buong araw. id like to post more of my works, kaso hahanapin ko pa, tsaka na lang, o kaya gagawa ako ng mga bago! hehehe.

Enjoy! sana maapreciate nyo!


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Who would’ve thought that there was an anime as brilliant as this one. hindi ko talaga alam kung saan napupulot ng mga sakang na hapon na yan yung mga idea nila e.

Death Note is a manga / anime / live action series from Japan. it revolves around a exceptionally brilliant, but bored, student named Light Yagami and his pseudo sense of justice. Light accidentally finds a Death Note dropped by a Shinigami ( Ryuk ) in the human world. he decides to you use it to kill all the criminals in the world to create a utopia in which he will be god. it’s a detective series in which Light and his arch-nemesis ( more likely the good guy in the series ) L, tries to outsmart each other. patalinuhan at it’s finest. Full of crazy plots and twists coupled with amazing deductive skills and reasoning. It truly is a very smart and intelligent series.

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Undertaker vs Batista

After winning this year’s ROYAL RUMBLE, the Phenom was given the opportunity to choose from each brand’s champions,  John Cena (Smackdown), Bobby Lashley (ECW) and Batista (RAW), to fight in the main event of WrestleMania 23.

At malamang nahulaan mo na kung sino pinili nya. (clue: look at the title, tas kung bobo ka talga, look at the picture.) aryt, solb!

Taena, grabe talgang match up ang ginawa nila ngayon, di ko alam kung kanino ba ko kakampi, on one side, undertaker has been one of my most favorite wrestler, maski nung bat pa ko, madalas ko ngang ichoke slam yung pinsan ko nun e, and The Phenom has never lost a match at wrestlemania, as in, simula nung una syang nag wrestlemania, hindi pa sya natatalo. on the other hand there’s the Animal, pare pinoy yan, syempre kakampihan din natin yan. well let’s be honest here, who doesn’t like Batista for a champion? huh? smudging a winning streak or de-throning a champion, you choose pare.

alam ko sabi nila fake lang daw lahat ng ito, parang soap opera din, e pota kesa naman manuod ako ng mara clara, e ito na lang.

see yah!

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