December 26, 2006 § Leave a comment

So far so good. A friend recommended it to me, so for the past couple of days, I’ve been downloading episodes of Bleach, the hit anime that was based on the manga created by Kubo Tite (pwera biro, yan apelyido nya.) The story is quite catchy, ghosts and monsters and soul reapers and what not. Art wise, the character design is very very good. Characters get to exercise their own fashion sense(mga fashionista nag mga ire) Fight scenes are amazing. Booms and bangs, lights and flashes, name callings, swords, blood, tons of blood, fights are usual settled by dueling with swords, and most fights tend to be to the death. (asa naman kayong mamatay yung bida.)

For me, it really is a very good series to waste time over to (…so far, I’ve only reached episode 56, I’m downloading the next episode right now.).

if you want to download episodes just visit http://www.bleachportal.net


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