February 8, 2006 § 2 Comments

just something i posted earlier in my boards, and now im posting it here! enjoy!

bat ganun? everywhere i look i see couples holding hands, in each other’s arms, not a care in the world, only thinking of the person they “think” hey fell inloved with… but what is love anyway? a feeling? an emotion? so is it pretty much like nausea or hunger? why do we fall inlove in the first place? from what i heard, happy people who fell inlove have been reduced to empty containers, decorated with fake smiles soon after. so why? why all the hype? what so good about it that almost everyone i know is in a hurry to fall inlove? uso kasi valentines? is that it? peer pressure, kasi yung mga friends mo me mga syota na, ikaw wala pa.. so parang bisyo din pala?


maybe im just bitter.. no, i AM bitter. yes, i too have tried to fall inlove, and i think i somehow did.. but look at me now, im still alone, im turning 21 next month and yet i have never felt all the love i have given away returned to me. so it makes me wonder, is it me? ako ba? and if so, anong nagawa ko? or anung hindi ko ginawa? please, to anyone who knows me and you got curious enough to read this blurb of mine, send me a  comment, a reply, a whatever, kung gusto nyo batuhin nyo nalang ako ng bato tas tsaka nyo sabihin yung kurokuro nyo e, just tell me something, cause one thing is for sure, ako hindi ko alam ang mga sagot sa mga tanong kong yan…


in a world where people are falling inlove left and right, i wonder if theres anyone out there left, destined to fall with me.. and i to her..


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