February 7, 2006 § Leave a comment

THIS here was my first ever blog… (well not exactly, cause i remember the first thing i blogged was the lyrics for fallout boys song, see i’m so emo!)

Well today i was supposed to post a story i have written. kaso di pa pinapadala nung editor ko sakin. hehehe.. so anu na lang? di ko alam, i just wanted to write something. wow, i think im getting hooked on this writing thingy… maybe its an effect of all those times ive been spending in my classes. pretty wierd huh? me, turning out like this… hey, i have to get serious sometimes.. so what else? oh yeah ive been doing alot of artworx with my fellow TamArtz for our up coming Advocate folio and collabs, look out for that, plus don’t forget our regular advo issues.

Its been like hell for my arms, as ive been drawing for the last two weeks… but it was worthwhile though, it was fun at the same time. ang kukulit ng arts e, tas dagdag mo pa yung mga ibang writer sa timpla, and you’re sure goin to get one hell of dish. di mo mararamdam ang paglipas ng oras.

well one drawback though is that ive lost one of the best things that ever happened to me… and i’ll forever wonder why… i must say that i am not a multi-tasker, and i think that it somehow costed me.. i have yet to learn to concentrate on two things at same time so that none of this will ever happen again.

well that’s all for now. monthsary ko sana ngayon… haii…


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